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Garlic Planting, Farmers Market , Thanksgiving

We worked Friday and Sunday to again prepare some more garlic beds for planting. Friday was a cold blustery day , unusually cold for NC this time of year . We even woke up to a light dusting of snow. But My husband had taken a day off from his "real" job to compost & till the beds and we had the help of two young men who said they would help so they spent most of the day light hours Friday preparing the field for more garlic.

I on the other hand spent most of my week including Friday making my Seasonings and dip mixes and making dog biscuits.Monday thru Thursday I spent peeling ,slicing, and dehydrating garlic for garlic powder. De-steming  this summers peppers,and  herbs . And grinding and siftting herbs ,peppers, mushrooms, and garlic . Thursday I mixed all th blends and dip mixes and picked greens for market. Friday I spent bottleing  bagging and lableing all the stuff I had made .

Saturday was Farmers market for me and rest day for the guys. Usually the market before Thanksgiving is one of my best days of the year and this year it was one of the best sales day of the year.

Sunday after church my husband my nephew and myself continued working on the rows till we ran out of light. 

Now I have 7 more very long rows to plant this week if the weather cooperates.

Normally we spend Thanksging in Virginia with some of my husbands family, but this year we will stay here and get as much planted as we can. I still hope to fix a Turkey and fixings for a small family feast.

I think I will post another post seperate for "Being Thankful"

Thanks for reading and spending a little time reading about or little farm




Garlic 101 Beginning to plant

I started planting garlic this week. I have planted 3 rows I know that doesn't sound like alot but I am getting about 1100 Cloves planted per row(bed) . Before planting a variety I must break up each head and seperate the cloves. I also must cull out any cloves I deem mot big enough or damaged. This year I am soaking the cloves in baking soda and maxicrop (kelp) to cut down on chances of fungus and give the cloves a boost. My husband prepared our beds with a topping of compost and then we added a organic fertilizer , lime and some fish meal. The garlic will be in the ground till June so the slow release organic fertilizer means we won't be side dressing in the spring.

Rain is coming tonight so I suppose I won't be planting anymore garlic for a few days. I will be making Garlic Powder from the rejects that we are not planting and other garlic that is not pretty enough to sell. I will peel and slice garlic tonight and then a batch will go in the dehydrator .

Friday I will make the grind the dried garlic into a powder and bottle for the market along with some basil and other dried herbs and pepppers to make some seasonings. Hopefully the rain will bring on another fruiting of our shittake musroom logs but I have harvested some today that will go with me to farmers market Saturday


Recipe: Roasted Elephant Turkey

Since we still have plenty of elephant garlic left and I plan to roast some fo samples and hand out recipes Saturday at the farmers market I'll share one of the recipes here also

Roasted Elephant Turkey

  • Fresh Turkey
  • 1 large Head elephant garlic peeled
  • 1 stick Butter
  • Seasoned Salt
  • Cheese Cloth

Sprinkle Turkey with seasoned salt (inside and out) Melt butter then soak cheese cloth in butter .Stuff peeled Garlic in cavity of turkey. Wrap turkey in cheese cloth. Do not cover turkey with lid. Not necessary to baste. Follow turkey baking time and temperature. Place turkey drippings in a sauce pan add a roasted garlic clove . Mix 1/2 cup flour with 1 1/2 cups warm water in small bowl and whisk until smooth .Stirring constantly add flour mixture to slightly warm drippings . Place pan on med heat and stir constantly until gravy is smooth. Season to taste with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. Add water to gravy to achieve desired thickness if needed. Remove cheese cloth while turkey is still warm for easy removal .

You can use regular garlic but elephant adds a lot of flavor and will still make guest who are not fans of garlic happy.


Fall...No down time on a garlic farm!

When all the traditional farmers around these parts are putting up there plows ,putting the last of the tobbaco in bulk barns, finishing up thier Last farmers market. We are getting our second wind! It is planting time and in a garlic farmers mind this is not the end of the season but the beginning. 300 + lbs of garlic must go in the ground over the next month. My husband and nephew have been at it for the last couple of days adding compost , organic amendments and geting our long 200' "beds" ready for planting. I have been shipping off a few more seed garlic orders for other folks to plant a little garlic for themselves. I have also been catching up on house work after the summer frenzy knowing that the next few weeks will be no time for house cleaning. The next few weeks will be filled with breaking up seed to plant and dressing warm enough to sit or kneel on the ground to plant each clove by hand . I hope tha each day I can dedicate at least a couple hours a day and some days more to planting seed. I homeschool my children so getting in our lessons will be a challenge. My children are at the age where they can began to plant some but there attention spans or urge to move and play in the wonderful fall weather will be too much to resist . So their biggest help may be to play while I work.

I still must go to farmers market each Saturday to sell greens ,garlic , our mushrooms as well as our garlic powder, seasonings and rubs we make from our 08' harvest. There may not be much time to blog for a while . But I hope you enjoy my writtings when I have time to share.

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