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Fall...No down time on a garlic farm!

When all the traditional farmers around these parts are putting up there plows ,putting the last of the tobbaco in bulk barns, finishing up thier Last farmers market. We are getting our second wind! It is planting time and in a garlic farmers mind this is not the end of the season but the beginning. 300 + lbs of garlic must go in the ground over the next month. My husband and nephew have been at it for the last couple of days adding compost , organic amendments and geting our long 200' "beds" ready for planting. I have been shipping off a few more seed garlic orders for other folks to plant a little garlic for themselves. I have also been catching up on house work after the summer frenzy knowing that the next few weeks will be no time for house cleaning. The next few weeks will be filled with breaking up seed to plant and dressing warm enough to sit or kneel on the ground to plant each clove by hand . I hope tha each day I can dedicate at least a couple hours a day and some days more to planting seed. I homeschool my children so getting in our lessons will be a challenge. My children are at the age where they can began to plant some but there attention spans or urge to move and play in the wonderful fall weather will be too much to resist . So their biggest help may be to play while I work.

I still must go to farmers market each Saturday to sell greens ,garlic , our mushrooms as well as our garlic powder, seasonings and rubs we make from our 08' harvest. There may not be much time to blog for a while . But I hope you enjoy my writtings when I have time to share.

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