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Garlic 101 Beginning to plant

I started planting garlic this week. I have planted 3 rows I know that doesn't sound like alot but I am getting about 1100 Cloves planted per row(bed) . Before planting a variety I must break up each head and seperate the cloves. I also must cull out any cloves I deem mot big enough or damaged. This year I am soaking the cloves in baking soda and maxicrop (kelp) to cut down on chances of fungus and give the cloves a boost. My husband prepared our beds with a topping of compost and then we added a organic fertilizer , lime and some fish meal. The garlic will be in the ground till June so the slow release organic fertilizer means we won't be side dressing in the spring.

Rain is coming tonight so I suppose I won't be planting anymore garlic for a few days. I will be making Garlic Powder from the rejects that we are not planting and other garlic that is not pretty enough to sell. I will peel and slice garlic tonight and then a batch will go in the dehydrator .

Friday I will make the grind the dried garlic into a powder and bottle for the market along with some basil and other dried herbs and pepppers to make some seasonings. Hopefully the rain will bring on another fruiting of our shittake musroom logs but I have harvested some today that will go with me to farmers market Saturday

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