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Concerned Michigan Consumers can help push back more on the DNR

Here's an action step you can take here in Michigan to try to help permanently put the DNR "feral hog" ruling out of commission once and for all. Ask your Congressman to stand with Rep. Kevin Daley in requesting the Governor repeal this egregious order imposed by the DNR . . . find your Representative's contact info in this site and send them an email, asking that they join in the effort to get the Invasive Species Order (ISO) overturned. You must contact your own Representative, and you'll have to provide your name and contact info to submit a message. 

DNR backs down against Baker's Green Acres

After a 2-year ordeal, the Michigan DNR totally backed down from going after Baker's pigs in order to not have to testify as the court hearing was finally scheduled! Read this for more info, but, WOW! Of course, as the Bakers point out, this ruling only applies to them and their pigs, but I think the logic would extend to others. I hope they go after the State for lost income and legal fees for the past two years of the State-sponsored terror visited upon them! Not to mention the other farmers that they had put out of business in the early days of this "feral hog" debacle, including the still-shocking-to-me story of the man who had to, in front of DNR officers, shoot his herd of pigs, including pregnant sows, piglets, small feeder pigs. . . 


Help Save Pasture-Raised Hogs in Michigan

Protect Michigan's pasture-raised pork from "big ag" efforts to stamp us out using the Michigan DNR! Read the whole blog entry (if you're in Michigan) and contact our governor to help protect small farms that raise pastured pigs.


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Facebook Site Name Updated

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Come follow us on Facebook!

We have just created a Facebook page for Coach Stop Farm. I can't figure out if I can put a "Like" widget on LocalHarvest, or a "follow us" link, so if you want to check that out, go to Facebook and enter "Coach Stop Farm" in the search box. When you get to that page, you can mark the "follow" icon if you want. Thanks! 

Good Food Down on the Farm

We actually have a new blog (2010) on that is focused on natural foods, cooking from scratch, recipes, and the like, as well as tales of life on the farm at any given moment. Come visit us there, and chime in! 

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