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Help Save Pasture-Raised Hogs in Michigan

Hi all fans of our great Berkshire pork - this new Michigan DNR Order will affect all producers of "pastured pigs" - please read/watch this, and send an email to our Governor, the only one who can repeal this piece of bureaucratic nonsense, and ask for his support in protecting small family farms. If the "big pork" people, aided by the DNR, manage to stamp out heritage breeds like Berks and Mangalitsas that are pasture-raised, your choices will be limited to factory-farmed pork again. You can send your note to the gov using this info, provided by the folks at Bakers' Green Acres, a farm that raises Mangalitsa hogs in Michigan - they have been in the thick of this fight.

Contact Governor Rick Snyder by e-mail, and/or phone, 517-335-7858.

Do not allow his office to direct you to the DNR.

Talking points:

The MDNR needs to stay off farms
The MDNR needs to repeal the Invasive Species Order.
This is not the Michigan Legislature’s fault, the “Invasive Species Order” was created by and is being implemented by the MDNR

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Well, Michigan is sure making certain that they are the laughingstock of the swine world. As a Buckeye, I am certainly grateful we won Toledo and saved them from being a part of this lunacy.
What concerns me is if the entirety of the MDNR has relied on evidence from their own scientists, that says that they can tell a wild pig from a domestic simply by looking at its color, ears and tail, then what are they teaching their children in public schools? I know that their economy has been critically injured by what has happened in the auto industry, but has idiocracy struck so soon? By the standard of the MDNR, a banana, an ear of corn, and a stick of butter are all the same, as are a Calico cat and a Jaguar.

Posted by Shawn Dostie on April 02, 2012 at 03:27 PM EDT #

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