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New Sheep on the farm

We have four new additions to the farm.  Three Old English "Babydoll" Sheep and one Welsh Mountain Sheep.  We're still working on additional fencing.  I am home sick with a bad virus, so work is not getting done too fast around here.  We anticipate opening the store very soon.  The sheep each have their own personalities.  The babydolls keep their heads to the ground and like to eat the dropped apples too.  The mountain sheep likes to eat the branches of the trees and be the "guard" sheep.  She is a feisty one.  She will stomp her feet at you because (I suspect) she wants attention.  She likes to be the boss.  She is very observant and will watch every movement and noise (including the kitchen light turning on in the house).  The sheep liked my zinnias too!  My cats don't know what to think.  They get scared and then run away.  Okie likes to grunt and snort when eating the apples on the ground.  But if you run away from them, then they will come following you like a puppy.  It is lots of fun to have them follow.  Matt was picking some apples and they mowed the ground below him.  We have way more than they can possibly eat.  Their new names are Okie, Bocefus, Darla, and Mow.  We're working on their haircuts.  If you stop by, make sure you don't open our gates.  
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