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  (Thayne, Wyoming)
What's happening at the farm in Thayne

Summer's Over

Although we had a decent growing season this summer, the party is now officially over.  We now have snow on the ground and it was 16 degrees this morning. But that's what I like about Wyoming, change. You don't have to worry too much about getting tired of one of the many outside jobs that exist on the farm because soon the weather will change and you won't be doing that any more for a while. 

We have a good supply of winter squash available and they are so delicious! And we now are offering samples of herbal teas when people drop by so they can warm up a bit.

 I was able to get the plastic off of the high tunnels so the structures don't cave in this winter. I left the plastic on last year and the weight from the snow just about caved in a couple of the structures so I won't do that again.

However, I'm not completely ready for winter. We did get all of the garlic planted and most of the herbs we needed were harvested, but I didn't get all of the clean up done that I wanted to. That will now have to wait for spring. There's also quite a few carrots still in the ground but I can continue to harvest them as needed.

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