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Peppermint Stick = Happiness

Do you remember being a kid and having a certain special sugary treat that always made you smile?

For me, when I was really little, it was Laffy Taffy. It came in all kinds of crazy bright colors, and thinking of the special tangy-sweet flavors and stretchy-chewy texture actually has my mouth watering right now. I’ve since moved on to all things chocolate, but that colorful chewy tasty craziness of Laffy Taffy is stuck (!) in my memory.

So when Ike came in the house yesterday talking about his favorite chard color, peppermint stick he called it, I just had to go see. And there it was, gorgeous in all its glory. How could I have missed that beauty? But then I noticed that it was only one plant among all the other lovelies (which, by the way, come in ALL the Laffy Taffy colors known to man).

And yes, I started drooling (but kept it to myself, no worries). What a neat thing that – a memory of a sweet treat from long ago was brought forth by something that most kids would turn their noses up at. Ah, but tastebuds change. To me, chard is just about as yummy as Laffy Taffy. Thankfully, it is not as chewy; I have too many fillings and things now to deal with that.

Maybe that special sweet something of yours still makes you smile, but then again maybe you’ve moved on to bigger and better things like peppermint mocha lattes or, gasp….kale?!

What special sweet blast-from-the-past something has popped into your mind?

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