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  (Landenberg, Pennsylvania)
"...our land is not a gift from our parents, but a loan from our children..."
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.....winding down...really?

...we like the fall, nature slowly prepares for winter, busy bees fly on warm fall days gathering pollen from some "late bloomers" and carry water to the hive one last time, milk sheep are being dried off and the rams are looking forward to their "wedding night"....Fences are being moved a few last times to get the stockpiled grass on the pastures, hay making equipment is being stored away and, ...yes, of course, then there was the new addition to the familiy...three weeks early, so we lost some hay on the ground and the last beans went south with the early October frost.  Time to start reviewing notes made during the growing season....not before long, the next year is upon us before we know it; but for now, we'll enjoy some hearty fall and winter meals from "Grosi's (Swiss German for: grandma) farm recepie collection. We'll spend some time at a crackling fire with the girls eading stories of fairies and gnomes who lived in the Swiss mountains many, many years ago....but sshhh...there may be some right down at the creek on a full moon.....  We'll do some cooking at the hearth with a grass-fed leg of lamb on a string slowly turning and roasting while sipping on some local wine, sharing stories with friends....gotta run, dinner is ready.....there is this wonderful smell of melting bees-wax filling the house while candlemaking is in full swing; stay tuned!
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