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Annual Sheep Shearing

Last monday (3/22) as lightning flashes struck the woods down at the creek, I almost dropped the feed on the middle of the field as I was looking for the steers at 5 am  ......hmmm, we have a saying in Switzerland: "if it thunders into the the empty (no leaves) woods, there will be another snow". I proclaimed this "with authority" later at the breakfast table, only to be met with laughter and mockery from the girls (yes, this inlcudes the wife too :)); later in the week...voila! Daddy's wisdom prevailed in the long run, of course!!! 

Time flies......first round of seeds are in, some seedlings are still under low tunnels, harvesting the first greens of nutty flavored "Nuesslisalat" aka here as Mache. Seed in late fall to get plants established before the heavy frosts, then harvest all winter long. Once establsihed, frost and snow just make it better and more flavorful. Hay barn is almost empty, but pastures are starting to green up. Bees are bringing in full loads of pollen, winter losses of colonies have been increased compared to previous years. Hopefully I can rebuild back up to 40 colonies later this spring. And, did I forget to mention, there are about 50 lambs on the ground and a few more ewes to go, lambing started a month earlier in the middle of February. This will give lambs more time to develop a rumen and get ready for the heat in July and August. Yes, Annual Sheep Shearing will happen!!!! We decided to lamb first and then to shear a bit later, probably later in April. I will post the event as usual on this website as soon as a final date has been arranged. In the meantime, HAPPY SPRING!!!

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