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summer on its way out & thank you for the rain

.....rainy day, allowing to catch up on some overdue farm paperwork. Milking sheep came to a close last week drying everybody off, ram is out and the annual Meadowset Farm honeymoon of our sheep has begun. This year was filled with activities getting our "nano" sheep dairy of the ground. Jan and Feb were filled with construction of milk and make room, parlor, farm store etc. Feb and Apr were busy with lambing of a total of 80+ lambs. Milking season kicked off in mid-March and lasted until late August. Ewe inventory is completed, all data entered, ewes tagged and in the database, and 60 happy ewes are ready to be bred in the next couple of months as we are getting ready to plan another milking season. Now the work is shifting to the aging room, marketing and getting a winter farmer's market attendance organized. The farm store is open for business although things are not quite all in place but we are working on it. Well, we are hoping for a nice fall with good grazing and another cutting of hay.

Enjoy the bounties of your gardens, visit and support your local farmers, Happy Fall, so long!


Spring is coming....

....almost every day our three year old daughter asks me: "daddy, when is the snow coming?"  While my family back home in the Swiss Alps is drowning in the snow, southeastern PA just got a couple of light one of my friends put it: my girls are getting a concussion from making snow angels.  These southeastern PA winters are a tough pill to swallow for an expat from the Swiss Alps!!!  Anyway, snow or no snow, spring is coming and life on the farm is starting to get busy again as we prepare for the annual shearing and lambing.  The honey bees are out and flying on days around 50F and witch hazel, croci, snow drops are providing the first pollen for their colonies as they get busy with brood rearing.  I used the opportunity to check the colonies a few weeks ago during the warm-up we had here, and I happily observed most hives were well and strong.  The milk ewes are doing well and starting to show some udder development.  A few lambs have already been born, thus the 2009 lambing season is officially underway.  Pretty soon, onion grass will come up and there is no holding back of ewes and lambs yearning to get the first blades of grass.  Hope to see you all at the sheep shearing March 14th, 2009.

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