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summer on its way out & thank you for the rain

.....rainy day, allowing to catch up on some overdue farm paperwork. Milking sheep came to a close last week drying everybody off, ram is out and the annual Meadowset Farm honeymoon of our sheep has begun. This year was filled with activities getting our "nano" sheep dairy of the ground. Jan and Feb were filled with construction of milk and make room, parlor, farm store etc. Feb and Apr were busy with lambing of a total of 80+ lambs. Milking season kicked off in mid-March and lasted until late August. Ewe inventory is completed, all data entered, ewes tagged and in the database, and 60 happy ewes are ready to be bred in the next couple of months as we are getting ready to plan another milking season. Now the work is shifting to the aging room, marketing and getting a winter farmer's market attendance organized. The farm store is open for business although things are not quite all in place but we are working on it. Well, we are hoping for a nice fall with good grazing and another cutting of hay.

Enjoy the bounties of your gardens, visit and support your local farmers, Happy Fall, so long!


.....growing season has come and gone...

Wow last entry dates back to February 09... not really surprising, at least not to me.  February usually brings the last quiet weeks before another growing season packed with successes and failures takes its beginning.


In review, the year was wet and unpredictable....lambing went smooth with almost 200% lambing rate, simple deliveries... or maybe moms who just know what they are doing? Sheep shearing in the middle of March was another success. We decided to keep the lambs on the ewes since we are still in process of finalizing the dairy, thus shifting some of the time towards expanding the apiary and vegetable garden.


We made a lot of splits and now as the honey bee colonies are ready for winter we are back to 30 colonies. The honey harvest was average this year and overall the colonies went somewhat lighter into late fall than in previous years, requiring somewhat more labor to get them all ready for winter.


While haymaking was a bit of a challenge, yet we got both cuttings in without rain, on the other hand, the grazing was great with plenty of grass almost throughout the entire season.


Fall harvest is winding down and stashes are plentiful, the rams are enjoying their honeymoon with the ewes and preparations are in full swing for the 2010 growing and milking season.


From our homestead to yours, we wish you a very peaceful holiday season.

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