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Cigars give me a buzz, why not Bees.

So many of our foods are dependent on the lowly honeybee. Without the respect it deserves the honeybee may soon no longer be there to pollinate our fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Goodbye almonds, cucumbers, soybeans, watermelon, raspberries, blueberries, walnuts, etc.  CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder is connected with the universal use of the current generation of insecticides-neonicotinoids. In CCD the worker bees fly off and leave the queen and brood to fend for themselves. The hive dies without workers, just like a garden. The new insecticides act directly on the nervous system of insects which, for the honeybee means that they simply die or cannot return to the hive because they 'forget' where the hive was. They get buzzed and run out of oxygen. If you can't smoke in public you shouldn't spray nicotine either.
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