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Thanksgiving-A time to reflect and be grateful.

We at Sage Hill Farms love this time of year for many reasons.

Slowing down a bit in the day to day going, the gardens are at rest for the most part, the weather is colder and the anticipation of all the special holidays are upon us.

Thanksgiving is my favorite of them all. It brings to focus who I am, how I came to be, and where my loyality and responsibility lies with future generations.

My ancestry goes back to Old Wales and England, I can only imagin the effort that went into leaving a homeland ,  making a new life in an unknown land, and putting down and nourishing roots that have survived into 2008.

To be less than dedicated to those same ideas of roots, family, fellowman and the right thing would make me less than worthy of the space I claim on this earth.

To all my fellow members at Local Harvest,  this blog, and the devoted team that makes it all possible......Thank you and A Gracious Thanksgiving Day~

Bea and Mike Kunz

Sage Hill Farms/Tennessee

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