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 Paying it forward...

At Moonshine Soap, we want EVERYONE to know about the beauty of Organic Principles. We wish EVERY PERSON could experience the goodness of our rich premium shea butter soaps Every Single Day

As the holidays approach, we want you to have reasonable and meaningful choices for gift giving. Choose our soaps for yourself, friends and family, even coworkers, teachers and the mail carrier, all the while promoting good will and biodegradable choices. 

So here's the deal:

We are substantially lowering our prices during
Our Real Soap Sale for EVERYONE!

Take a moment to consider the choices you have everyday and the absolute impact you can and will make by stocking up during our Season of Lower Prices!

What is the Season of Lower Prices?

It's simple. For a limited time choose many of the soaps we feature at Local Harvest, the Moonshine Soap Retail Boutique in our Murrayville, Georgia location, or and pay $4.90 per bar. No catch. No Suprises. No minimum purchase required.

*Regular Soap prices are 7.95 - 9.95 each. Moon Dog Soap Sale at 5.90 per bar. This special offer is available through December 31, 2008 for retail customers only. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!


Why Handcrafted Soap?

The questions I am asked most often are, "What makes handmade soap different from regular soap. Is all handmade soap the same?” I love to answer these questions because handmade soap has made an incredible difference in every aspect of my life, including the health of my skin.

What makes handmade soap different?

To answer this question, you first have to understand a bit about saponification, a chemical reaction which occurs when moisturizing vegetable oils are combined with an alkali and water to create soap and glycerin. Soap cleanses, while glycerin -- a humectant that actually draws moisture from the air to your skin --moisturizes. Large scale manufacturers of commercial soaps extract this glycerin from soap, as it is a lucrative commodity in and of itself. These soaps will still clean, however, the consumer is forced to replenish moisture after bathing with a lotion that probably contains glycerin.

True and natural handcrafted soap is rich in glycerin, so the bar will clean and remove oils, while soothing sensitive skin. Maintaining this precious moisture means smooth and silky clean skin. With regular use, you may even notice you need less of your topical moisturizer. The mild and gentle nature of handmade soap makes it a perfect chioce for everyday. Don't save it for a special occasion, or better yet, make everyday special.

Is all handmade soap the same?

In a word, no. The market has been inundated with the buzz word “handmade” for some time now, making it difficult for customers to distinguish the not-so-subtle differences.For example, melt and pour glycerin soaps (both clear and opaque) are made from a base that can be melted in the microwave, embellished with fragrance and botanicals and then poured into molds. The words “made by hand” may apply here, however this does not describe the chemical reaction of saponification.The chemical reaction is only part of the beauty of true handmade soap.

Each ingredient is chosen to impart a particular quality to the finished soap. We have gone to the source for all of these ingredients, establishing relationships with our suppliers to insure quality and consistancy. At Moonshine Soap® we choose vegetable oils that are high in unsaponifiables, which basically means that some of the oils do not turn into soap, but float free within the finished bar, adding to the moisurizing effects of our soap.

Shea butter is an example of such an oil. We have based all our soaps on this healing butter.Twenty percent of the oils we use in our soap recipe are unrefined, wildcrafted shea butter, which contributes many facets to our unique bars of soap.Moisturizing creamy lather is the first difference you will notice. Shea butter is renowned for it’s ability to restore elastisity and heal the skin. The butter is harvested by women in tribes from villages in West Guana, Africa. 

Essential oils that have been analyzed to insure no trace of pesticides, herbicides, adulteration or contamination scent all of our soaps. We blend these oils mindfully to create one of a kind aromas specific to skin care needs and luxurious relaxation. Rosewood Forest soothes dry skin, while Indian Summer wraps your senses in the rich aroma of fresh limes and warm spice. The fragrances we offer consist of a blend of naturals formulated by an essential oil chemist to provide rich aroma without toxic additives. Our Fresh Peach really smells juicy and delicious!

We believe there is a holistic difference in our handcrafted soap. Sensitivity to the local, national and global impact we make by our choices is as important as the ingredients that make up Moonshine Soap®. Choosing products to cleanse the skin should be a conscious decision we make with the health of our skin and our world in mind.

Indulge your skin and Inspire your senses with Moonshine Soap® .


Ellie Trinowski

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