Gladstone's Under The Sun

  (Hancock, Maine)
Bringing you the best from Maine...Dried Wild Blueberries
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About Gladstone's Under The Sun

 Blueberry Barrens
Gladstone's Under The Sun is a Maine company committed to producing and promoting healthy foods as well as reducing our "carbon footprint".  After years of hard work, our company is proud to be drying Maine grown blueberries in Maine.  Large amounts of Maine wild blueberries are still being shipped as far as the west coast to fruit drying facilities.  Many of our Maine wild blueberries now travel less than a mile to our new drying facility.

We recently released our new line of dried wild Maine blueberries that uses a no sugar added formulation. These blueberries, branded as The Caviar of Maine ®, have half the sugar content and over twice the shelf life of other dried blueberries now on the market.  We also produce a no sugar added, whole blueberry spread, syrup, and pie-filling.

Other products include our Maine Munchies ®, a snack food product line that consists of dried wild Maine blueberries in combination with other dried fruits, nuts, and dark organic chocolates. 

We would like to share with you..."Only the Best Under The Sun."


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