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Clean, safe to eat chicken

Good morning from the farm,

Want to be sure that you are eating good, clean chicken? Make sure the chicken you buy is CALLISTER FARM chicken. Our chickens are raised in clean, dry, humane conditions. We NEVER give them antibiotics or growth stimulants. It's been against federal law for decades to give chickens hormones. 

We process the chickens ourselves right here on the farm in our MN E-2 inspected processing plant. Every bird is hand processed and checked for cleanliness before passing inspection. Our capacity is about 600 chickens per day. Our slaughter rate is about 250 birds per hour. To put that into perspective the large processors move 150 birds per MINUTE through their lines.

Our chicken is delivered weekly to the stores FRESH less than 24 hours after processing. Our fresh chickens at the farmer's markets are only 2 - 3 days from processing. The frozen chicken is never more than a few weeks in the freezer - we sell a lot of chicken so we don't have "old" birds on the shelf.

To be 100% sure that there is not bacteria on any chicken that might be contaminated always cook to an internal temperature of 175 degrees and clean any surfaces that the raw chicken might have contacted.

So continue enjoying your summer and grilling that lovely chicken.



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