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Winter update


In years past we experienced winters that allowed us to relax and rest from the hectic pace of the growing season. Not so this year! Alan and I have been working on the expansion of our processing plant. We've added about 800 square feet plus a bathroom. For the first time in 25 years, Alan hired a cement contractor and a plumber! The work is nearly complete. All we have left is to apply the floor coating on the last of the new cement; do some reorganizing and a little clean up. It looks great. You'll be able to see it when we hold our "Chicken Wing Ding" in June.

Our daughter Molly has completed a winter internship at the farm Spannocchia near Sienna Italy and is on her way to County Kerry in Ireland. She will spend a few weeks there with her adopted family before returning to the east coast of the USA. We expect to see her sometime around Easter. We can't wait to hear the new stories of her experiences and see the photos.

 The first of our Minnesota's Poulet Rouge chicks arrive on March 14th. They should be available for you around the third week of June. Alan and the guys are busy preparing the chicken houses for the new arrivals. 

On Friday March 16th our new flock of young egg layers will arrive. The older hens will be moved to their summer quarters to make room for the new girls. We'll have a great supply of pullet eggs for about six weeks until they begin producing larger eggs.

I hope you are able to enjoy this great weather! I'm going to get out there this afternoon - can't do much because of the mud but it just feels good!




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