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Is it spring or summer?

Hello from this wind swept farm in southern Minnesota!

I'm not sure what happened to spring - did it really only last for a couple of days?

The asparagus is up. I can't remember picking it fresh for our Easter dinner any time in previous years.   

My rhubarb isn't doing too well however. I think we over harvested last June to make pies for our "Chicken Wing Ding" dinner. Combined with laste year's excesive heat and lack of rain it never fully recovered.

The chickens are happier than ever - the bugs and the grass are plentiful already.

Our daughter Molly is back in the States after spending five months interning on the Italian farm - Spannocchia near Siena Italy. Molly will be joining the business here in several weeks.

Alan is busy working on finishing the processing plant expension. This week's project is the employee break room and a little final electrical wiring.

So long for today. 

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