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Spring time

Good morning!

Things are getting busier around the farm. Who could have guessed that spring would arrive this early? The tulips are up with buds showing, there's leaves on the soft maple trees, the summer song birds are all here and the winter birds have moved on to their northern nesting grounds.

 The first of our poulet rouge chicks have arrived and will be ready to go into the pasture in about three weeks. We have two groups of our standard chicks in brooder rooms and receive another next week. 

The young laying hens that arrived last week are settling in nicely and giving us a few pullet eggs every day. The older "girls" are getting used to their new summer house.

We are very grateful to have received a good amount of rain over the past several days. We're seriously short of moisture as this growing season begins. 



waiting for the new "girls"


We're waiting for Norman - our Amish farmer friend from Iowa to arrive with our fresh flock of laying hens - 800 for us. 1300 for others coming here to pick theirs up, take them home and get them tucked into new homes. Folks are arriving - milling about and visiting. The weather is perfect. 


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