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Spring planting and baby chicks

Dear friends,

It seems that the weather has turned somewhat seasonal. I enjoy the warmer temps and bright sunshine but I know that the soil moisture is critically low and rain is desperately needed. 

All the surrounding fields are being tilled, turning them to rich dark black vistas broken only by brilliant green strips of alfalfa and hay ground. I love that contrast in colors. 

Our chicken barns are filling up with chicks! We're on our way to full summer time capacity, which is anywhere between 5,000 - 6,000. All of varying ages from day old up to harvest ages of 11/12 weeks. We'll receive chicks every week until October when that slows to once a month for winter. 

There's more progress on the processing plant. Alan and the guys have built the walls and insulated the lunch room.

Our processing calendar is beginning to fill as other farmers make reservations to have us process their chickens and turkeys. We enjoy visiting with other growers - sort of keeps us in the loop.

Have a great week!


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