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Are You Dreaming Of Farming for a Living?
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Dairy Sheep Milking intro.Live The DREAM !!

Sheep Milking !The Future of Small Farming!

This article will explore the future of Sheep Milking for you to consider !

Do You Have a dream of Working from home with your family !Are you tired of the same old daily job? The Life on the farm is always a new day experience.

"Is the Farm Life For You ?"

Even though the farm life sounds nice are you ready for the 365/24/7 life with no vacation,no travel.There is lots of Fresh air,long hours and You are the boss!

"Are you able to work on equipment ?"

Can you handle farm equipment like tractors,hay balers,hay rakes?Can you handle your own servicing of it to keep costs down?In order to survive costs must be kept managed !

" When your animals are sick can you get them back to health without a vet "

When you have a sick animal that requires a shot or medicine or the sewing up of a wound can you do this? Many times in order to save an animal you have to step up and do it yourself and you may even have to destroy it!! Can you do this?

"The daily Chores require a Healthy Person!Are you healthy enough to work in Rain,real cold maybe snow,real hot,dirty,smelly areas and by yourself sometimes?"

Alot of myth is that farm life is easy.Well sometimes it seems that we do have it easy as we are the boss and we work when we want but,chores are always.We have land to tend to,fences to fix,animal manure to clean,buildings to fix and the weather never is right for any of the things we want to do some days!!

"What is family life like on the farm?"

Well in all honesty it is close with alot of hardship! Because finances are tight there is always disagreement on where it should be spent and how much there is each month to spend.What time can be put aside for family contact? Do you go off the farm with the family to socialize?Do you spend meal time together and talk other than about the farm? do you have a time to sit down and discuss farm problems and whom decides certain things?Many farms split up because there is no talking over things!Do you have contact with neighbors or friends?Are you far away from town?

"Day to day operation on the farm is whose responsibility?"

We all think we never get sick! If you believe that look out! If you are used to working in doors or at least most of the time than having to work outside 90% of the time is hard! Can you imagine that you are out working on fencing in a snow storm and you are wet,cold and hungry?What happens if you come down with a real bad cold or worse! Whom can do your work for a short while?Whom will do it if you have to be hospitalized?Have a back up plan for emergencies!

"The Farm Life Can Be A Blessing For All !"

Well, after all that you have read it is soo rewarding to see the fruits of your labor come about? Weather it is growing crops, milking or raising animals is it a good feeling when you see something done.

If the following seems to be your dream follow it!! Go talk to a farmer or see if you can visit and watch for a day!

My name is Rick Christman (the shepherd).I came from the small town life to the country and have Milked SHEEP for over 20 years.There is a lot of interest in this type of farming.I can verify what I have written from experience!We have a Sheep Dairy in Missouri selling Smudge,Soaps and Lotions.Use the search engine to find Sheep Dairy and see what we have.Thank Ewe

Richard Christman from Stoney Acres Sheep Dairy wrote this article.He has Milked Sheep over 20 years both in Wisconsin and in Missouri.His wife Deb makes the value added products of SMUDGE,Soaps and Lotions with their milk.
Rick and Deb are the owners of
<a href="">Missouri's 1st Sheep Dairy</a>

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