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When the farm goes downtown....

Well it's been a year since I posted  and what a year it was!  We figured out several new ways to use the herbs we grow in combinations of extracts, infusions, essential oils, hydrosols, and pastes to create a much larger variety of therapeutic products from the various crops. Not to say a great incentive to get busy dividing, cloning, and sowing seeds in the greenhouse now for this years necessary additional crops.

We came up with so many items we had to open a couple retail farm outlets just to have a place to store it all until it is sold. We thought why not show it to folks while it is just sittin' there waiting to be sold somehow, somewhere. So this winter we opened a Farm outlet store in Charlevoix Michigan. Charlevoix is a fairly small community with a small population but on the only major highway this far west and a drawbridge that saves folks a lot of miles sometimes. Since Charlevoix is a little "quiet" in February we have been considering different types of promotions that might bring people in. This one is our favorite so far and I think we are going to go ahead and use this idea starting today:

FREE BAR OF SOAP! Creation Farm Charlevoix is now open! 229 Bridge St Charlevoix Michigan between Kilwin's and La French Bulldog boutiques. We will be offering a free bar of soap of your choice to the first 500 people who come in to the new location and make a purchase!

Some of the other ideas were much more expensive to initiate. This promotion was up loaded to facebook, Anna's Skincare Blog, Anna's Essential Oil Blog, Creation Farm Blog, Soap_Share soapmaking discussion group we sponsor on Yahoo, Aroma_Share aromatherapy discussion group we sponsor on Yahoo, and we also put it on the homepage of our website at . We are hoping enough people will share it on Facebook this week to make a difference and encourage people to get out, come downtown, and check out our new space for showing all the things we make from Herbs we grow here at the farn. We have products that include herbs we have grown from this list;

Calendula, Elderberry, Comfrey, Rosemary, Lemon Balm, Mints, Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, Plantain, Yellow Dock, Echinacae, Jewelweed, Sheep Sorrel, Evening Primrose, Oregano, Thyme, Raspberries, Self-Heal, Chickweed, Dandelion, Smartweed, MIlkweed, Goldenrod, Red clover, Rhubarb, Geraniums andothers.

Have a great day!


Winter in the Hoophouse Continued

Winter in the Hoophouse continued-

Bed 8 - currently awaiting transition ( will become tomatoes in April- doing some early with special seed from Siberia (55 day variety at the 55th parralel) so I will let you know how that goes in June)

Bed 9 - Rose Geranium- 16 mounds - Lemon Geranium - 12 mounds, currentl  in deep dormant stage - extra cover just above ground level

Bed 10 - Salad greens planted at Thanksgiving! - a how much cold can it take test - now about 1 " after 50 days, a little sun next month and "WE GOT SALAD"

Bed 11 one end is apple scented spearmint, one end is peppermint (40s ft each) with some spice scented hardy geranium for teas still green in the center

Bed 12 the mother plants - 3 large rosemary bushes- looking great, lemon verbena (48") in deep dormancy, many garden sage and smaller rosemary mother plants to be this year (awaiting the cut for clones process next month)

Bed 13 50% lavender mounds - moved a double row 25' long in November to see how early we can get them to bloom and start distilling hydrosol from them, 50% Garden Sage for teas

Bed 14 rosemary 44 bush 12"-18" ( from clones started last year) - all looking nice and green and ready to start cutting for the hydrosol still next month

Bed 15 - more rosemary - this one has 42bush - 12" - a prostrate rosemary , now in full bloom with pretty little lavender/blue flowers up and down the stems, ready for the hydrosol still next week-gonna make a spray on rosemary mist- can't wait to try it.

Bed 16 - currently awaiting transition for the siberian tomatoes project in april

Sidebed- runs the length on the north side - 24" x 96' On the west end there is a large swiss chard plant that is in its second winter and it has been making seed for 5mos now and is still going. I need to cut it and harvest the seeds but I am waiting to see how long to see just how long it might live. along the whole side are marshmallow herb plants (for tea and tincture) that are not covered by the inner 48" high cover we put over all the beds down the center. They are still looking good, in slight dormancy, seem to be very hardy plants- this bed is where i grow the jewelweed which self seeds and should start returning in mid march when there is more sun and that bed starts to warm.



Winter in the Hoophouse


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