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Winter in the Hoophouse

Winter Hoophouse January 21 2011

A couple more weeks and we will start seeing a little sun!

Hoophouse currently looks like it is part igloo on the sides - however I think the snow may be insulating the sides from the below zero windchills this week.

Bed1 - Rosemary Plants 24  - started from clones last winter - now 12"- 18" multiples stems

Rosemary still looking good - still green

Bed 2 - 24 Oregano patches - true greek oregano - beginning the early spring mint like spread already! This bed will yeild thousands of transplants

Bed 3 - 6 Lemon Verbena - new from clones this year, leaves yellowing - the leaves dropped off the big one (5 yr old) down the line in bed 15 back in December

Bed 4 - Clary Sage - Many - one of the first plants to start showing some real growth even in the cold and dark, once we get some sunlight coming it will probably bloom in late march or april

Bed 5 - 12 thyme bushes, a few Gooseberries in gallon pots waiting for  holes ( next sunny day maybe), and some pacific giant calendula sprouted and planted in October.

Bed 6 - Lemon Balm -  20 patches also beginning the mint like spring time spread and will fill the bed nicely next month for firs cutting and a trip to the hydrosol distiller.

Bed 7 - Calendula - some in 2nd full winter, with blooms in all 12 months 2010 

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