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winter growing ?

Solar heated hothouse is a good idea if you have the time to set it up .I run 165 ft. of 1/2 inch plastic tubing across the top inside the hothouse 14x40  to heat up the water as it runs thru it ,so far it is working good on the sunny days heats my beds up too 60 - 65  degrees that is good for lettuce to grow ..So when the solar heat runs out , cold weather does that . I will convert to ground water ( Geo-thermal heat ) to heat my beds with . The ground water is about 55 degrees so i will pump it thru my beds to keep them warm in the cold winter months here in NW Pa  I use the water that comes from being heated  to irrigate my raised beds at the same time . The pump is operated from a solar powered battery ....I use a 15 watt solar cell to charge the 12 volt truck battery and a 500 watt inverter to run the pump ..more coming later   thanks for reading my blog ..Phil

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