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A time to be Thankfull
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Remember Memorial Day-It is not just a day off...

We must never take for granted Memorial Day...especially for those who receive a day off because of it's existance. Our country is based on a democracy that didn't come by chance. But one that has been bound by the ultimate sacrifice.  Because of these sacrifices we can voice our own opinion (even if no one is listening!), watch TV when we want and pretty much what we want (that can be good or bad), purchase foods and clothing anytime of day, have a family and our children can go to school. And the list goes on and on....

Whether you take the day off or not, please take a moment, pay homage to the flag and thank the good Lord above that you live in this great country.  And if you see a service man on the street greet him with a smile and tell him "Thank you"...it is just that simple.

Our family is very thankful for all that have given that ultimate sacrifice,  and we are proud to say that we are Americans.  We have many soldiers past and present in our clan and are very proud of each every one of them....God Bless America


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