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A time to be Thankfull
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Harvest Thanksgiving

This time of year brings on a special meaning...at our farm now 10 years old as a business, we have evolved from being open 7 days  week to now a full fledged CSA Only Farm....Through trial and error, expense with the powers that be and personal pain, loss and sorrow, we have become stronger in faith in God and commitment to our family and members...

Our farm stands today as a testiment to working always do better, to strive for versitality and to enjoy what God has in store for us...To let him be the CEO of our Farm...

We look at 2011 with great anticipation...We give Thanks to Him for our bounty this year. The trials of weather and the weeds that loved the wettness without His help this year could have been a complete loss.  Instead through his blessing our fields reap a huge bounty....We are so grateful....Thanks to the Lord above - 2010 was a success.!...

This time of year to our family is when we come together and count our many blessings...It is our hope that you do the same...


Golden Harvest - Fall has begun it's magic!

As the days grow shorter and the air becomes crisp...we are reminded once again the long days of summer are slipping away and fall is here...

The leaves on the trees are being painted by the cool breezes and frost sparkles in the morning sun.  Day by day our grasses become covered by falls first harvest of golden leaves.

Baskets of ripe red apples taunt us with the thoughts of dipping them in warm gooey carmel and quenching our thirst with ice cold apple cider.   Winter squash becomes sweet as their shells become hard in the cool dark nights...Onions can be found along the country roadside fallen from the trucks...Fields become bare and are put to rest for the season.

Yes another summer has come and gone, but the fall harvest is now here for our pleasure. Taste the fall air, take a walk thru a pumpkin patch, enjoy a crisp red apple (with homemade carmel sauce)...sit by a firepit and enjoy the Golden Harvest.... 

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