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Thanksgiving Gift

Well Tom is in the oven! And now we are on count down the clock started at 4:45 am 10 hours 33 mins to go. How big you ask? 31.52 pounds! As Russell unveiled this master marvel, he decided to run for the hills! Tom is 3 of Belvidere.

On a more serious note: Thank you for being part of what we do everyday and allowing us to live and share our passions.  As that is a gift in itself.  We always look at our yesterday's to help keep our today’s humble.

So do not fret if the bird is dry or the potatoes are runny and the gravy is lumpy. You may have tears in you eyes for it is your first year preparing the feast and we want perfect… and if it is not, it does not matter it is about sharing a moment that will create a memory that will last a lifetime.

My one Aunt we still laugh about it some 25 years later. She left the neck in the turkey and when she tried to get a thermometer reading it did not give the true temp. So, after 8 hours when it should have been done in 5. The bird was a bit done! 

Remember it is always about the FREE stuff. What we give of ourselves to each other. 



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