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Organic, free-range, pastured, grass-fed/finished, heritage-breeds,
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C.S.A. Shipping - Feb. 2012

Today, Tuesday and Wednesday we are shipping. Please check your email for tracking number. If you do not get a tracking number by 2:30pm, please call me 1-760-868-6206


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Fresh beef, pork, and chicken

Today: Separating fresh beef, pork, chicken and more for pick-up. 3 Dexters, 1 lowline Angus, 2 kunekune hogs, 2 English hogs (yes, the big black English Grande) all processed. Currently processing poultry. See you all tomorrow. I will be unavailable by phone, email or fb until Monday. Thank you

Happy Superbowl Sunday!


Feb. Farm Pick-Up and Shipping Details.

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C.S.A. Subscription Orders Deadline!!

Place subscription orders before Jan. 23rd. We will calculate meat Subscriptions on Jan. 24th. Farm pick up: Sat. Feb. 4th. www.rainbowranchfarms.com P.S. A new Beef A-La-Cart Menu added.

Farm CSA Pick-up, volunteers and our little co-op PIX!


Pictures of Jan. 7th 2012 farm pick-up, our little co-op and volunteers! Check out our blog and sign up to follow!



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

Remember, the best way to get in touch is by telephone 1-760-868-6206, I only check emails and FB between 4:15am and 5:30am, after that we are out back, on the home farm, processing, packaging, shipping, making repairs, improvements, hauling from the pasture and our breeders, processing plants, butcher shops, delivering or packaging for shipping +++.


Than you!


Subscriptions, Deadlines, Pick-Up/Shipping

All C.S.A. subscriptions placed between Nov. 24th and yesterday, Dec. 23rd will be ready for pick-up on Jan 7th (I hope, LOL) and shipping on the week of Jan 9th 2012. All subscriptions placed from today (Dec. 24th 2011) through January 23rd 2011 will be processed for February 2012. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!

www.rainbowranchfarms.blogspot.com for photos, membership participation, updates and more..


Traceability Accountabilty Inspections and Claims!

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$2.00lb USDA Inspected Pork Tenderloin "Mix-Up"

$2.00lb (only 8 packages)We will have the (switched, scroll down for details) USDA pork tenderloin packages available in the offal cooler, along w/ soup bones, heart, liver, hoofs ++..First come, first serve/no shipping on offal/tenderloin. Pick-up Sat. Jan 7th 2012 10am - 12 noon.

Pork Mix-Up!! Members Please Read!!

Pork Tenderloin Mix-up at the butcher!! Members Please Read!

Members: ABOUT PORK!! NOT all pork we picked up was our pork!! There was a mix-up at the butcher, a farmers market vendor accidentally picked up OUR pork tenderloin and some other packages!!! Please post, please share!! Some of the pork tenderloin from pick-up on Dec. 10th was not RRF HOG!! There was a pick-up mix-up!!!

Some of our pork got mixed-up with a farmers market seller! Please be advised! The market seller got some of our pork tenderloin and we got some of thier USDA Pork.. Do not "like" their pork better than ours!! OMG!!!

There is nothing we can do, The farmers market seller, sold our pork at a farmers market!! This was an accident! please post and share!! Good thing he was not inspected during the market, he was selling custom processed pork tenderloin illegally and by accident!

I am by the phone: call me with any questions or concerns 1-760-868-6206. Please share this info!!


FFL 1-A C.S.A. Renewal

Members to renew FFL-1-A on Sat. Dec. 10th. When renewing at the farm, membership fee is waived.


When renewing via www.rainbowranchfarms.com please renew before Dec. 15th (deadline) for 2012 FFL 1-A CSA.


Produce-Pick Up-Fruits-Veggies-Meat-Gathering@Farm

Sustainable produce, fruits, greens, veggies, meat, friends & family. Certified Organic, Bio-dynamic/Demeter certified...

Available from our very own Farm Members, Artisans, Executive Chef, Horticulturalists and Bio-dynamic, Organic Growers & Participants of Rainbow Ranch Farms, Community Supported Agricultural Programs!!

Rainbow Ranch Farms growing standards apply: Heirloom seeds and sources, Certified Organic, Bio-dynamic/Demeter certified, locally and sustainably produced/grown.

NO G.M.O.'s, NO toxic sprays, NO greenhouse/high tunnel plastic gases, NO patented seeds or sources. "Grown As Nature Intended"

The week of Dec. 4th is sold-out, please be sure to reserve your boxes in advance, they do sell out very quickly!


Rainbow Ranch Farms, Home-Farm: 1-760-868-6206

California: Pick up is Sat. Dec. 10th at the home-farm: All members coming from Utah, Arizona and Nevada: pick-up is Sunday, Dec. 11th. Remember to please carpool.  

Bountiful Harvest CO-OP: Apple Valley, CA.

J.B.O. Los Angeles, CA


Stephan and Jess will be bringing....

baby arugula
baby salad mix
red leaf lettuce
romaine lettuce
savoy lettuce
red bell peppers
pineapple guava
meyer lemon
valencia juice oranges 

Pre-Packed: Vegetable Box

baby arugula

baby salad mix

head lettuce

bunches spinach

bunch leeks

bunch kale

bunch beets

head celery

bunch broccoli

bunch carrots

red bell pepper


bunch parsley

Pre-Packed: fruit box!!!


pineapple guava


 meyer lemon


Sam will be bringing...

Italian Ketchup

Gourmet Olives: Hand selected, cured and made by Sam

White Fig Preserves

Nectarine/Raisin Preserves

Spice Plum Preserves

Camponata: Italian Eggplant Appetizer

Green tomato chili sauce: (Not tomatillo) these are actual heirloom green tomatoes

Amalsi Coast Lemon Onion

Morocco Cucumber Chunks

Cranberry Orange Marmalade

Zucchini Ginger Marmalade

Zucchini Relish: no cabbage as filler: not the real sweet stuff

Sam grows, hand picks and makes all these delicious gourmet foods!!

All pesticide-free – from organically & locally grown Produce - No pectin – no preservatives no salt – NO high fructose corn syrup - No color enhancements.

Sam developed a "one-of-a-kind" micro climate, where he grows heirloom citrus fruit trees in the High Desert, with tremedous success. This is not easy with the freeze that we see in this zone. He grows all his produce and fruits naturally, outside and with no pesticides!! Sam is Awesome.

Sam is an Executive Chef, a farmer, a true artisan, and horticulturalist.


will bring her delicious certified organic living dressing, now available at B.J's market in Apple Valley, CA.



will bring delicious Artisan baked goods!!l

 Rainbow Ranch Farms...

Of course, we will have our "Terroir", heritage, fresh, grass fed, free range meats: Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Goat, Duck Eggs, Chicken Eggs, Game Bird Eggs and Malaysian Game Birds: Bring Your Cooler w/Ice Packs!!

Come enjoy a cool winter morning on the farm, tour our feed bin, processing areas, brooders, spend time with the heritage chickens, game birds, turkeys, ducks, cattle, sheep, lambs, English hogs, Kunekune pigs, take photos, videos, share your experience with the world.

Collect eggs, see the newborn calves and more...

Know your farmer and trust your food!


Farm pick-up Dec. 10th Saturday

Pick up at the farm has been postponed until Sat. Dec. 10th 10am - 12noon. There will be NO FARM PICK-UP on Sat. Dec. 3rd. Any questions, please call 1-760-868-6206

Heritage Turkey: Pick Up, Shipping & Harvest Your Own

Turkey shipping today, check your email 4 tracking #, if you do not get a tracking # by 3:00pm, call me immediately 1-760-868-6206.

Butcher Your Own, Tue Nov. 22nd -10am. It will be very cold, it may even be raining, please dress warm.

Pick-up your thanksgiving turkey today 10am-2pm.

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