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C.S.A. Orders/Subscriptions Shipping Update!

All orders & subscriptions,  placed in August!

There may be delays, in getting all orders, and subscriptions out on time, this month (September). 

The butchers lockers are filled with meat carcasses from the County Fairs, and they are working as efficiently as they can. 

We are trying to get all orders, and subscriptions placed in August, out on the UPS delivery trucks this month (September).

We appreciate your patience. If you have any questions, please call the farm: 1-760-868-6206

 Warm regards




Keeping Up To Date


All products listed on our Localharvest store, are available to the general public, and membership is not needed. Keep checking back for products that we will be adding, in the near future.

Some products can be shipped within California-only, and all our U.S.D.A. inspected meats can be shipped anywhere within the U.S.A., and in some cases, overseas, Canada, and Mexico. keep checking back, as products will be added sooner, than later. Shipping costs for out-of-state shipping can get a bit costly, so it may be easier on the pocket-book when ordering in bulk. These options will be made available.

Thank you for using www.localharvest.org the number-one online market to locate wholesome, and organic foods, clothes, soaps, and more.. We have been online with www.localharvest.org since 2005.



Depending on the specific workshop, it could be held at any one of our farm or ranch locations. When we schedule a workshop, out on pasture, we prefer to use car-pooling, transportation methods, and everyone should bring plenty of water, snacks and food, for the day.

Workshops on the home-farm, always include plenty of cool and refreshing beverages, and lot's of delicious food.


Members with automatic, farm-membership renewal, via paypal, please double check your "re-occuring payments" or "Automatic Subscriptions" page, located under your paypal, "profile" button. Please be sure to keep updated with all your paypal activity.

We are paypal, verified, in excellent standing, and have been affiliated with paypal, since the 90's.


Chickens, turkeys, ducks, game birds, hogs, sheep, lambs, and cattle:

We sell surplus livestock, as it is available, throughout the year. Please contact me for species, and breeds available.


We get many requests, regarding volunteering and internships, and YES we love to share all aspects of our work load. We have several locations, and our entire farming and ranching operation is run by family, farm members, participants, happy-helpers, and volunteers,

Thank you for your great reviews, wonderful feedback, and participation.we look forward to seeing you, again soon!








Aug. 2012 CSA Shipping, Delay!

SPECIAL NOTICE: C.S.A. Boxes for August shipping, will be going out on, Mon. Aug. 13th, Tue. Aug. 14th and Wed. Aug. 15th - Please check your email for tracking & sorry for the delay. Call with  questions 1-760-868-6206.

Thank you for your patience!


Filming On The Home-Farm

Calling all Farm-Members! We need help on Thursday, July 12th, to get ready for filming. Are you available to help, and volunteer? call me 1-760-868-6206




Happy Spring!

Lambs, Calves and Chicks pipping.

Callie, one of our Herefords calved on  April 6th and both Callie and her calf are doing great. They have had a check up by the vet. Thank you to Lori and Jim Enright of the American Kunekune Breeders Association and Olde Reminisce Farms.

Oven roaster pigs are ready: They have a finished weight of 18-20lbs and perfect for the oven, luau pit or open fire-spit-rotisserie.

Whole KuneKune pigs are available for whole luau pigs or you can have them cut and wrapped into convenient packaging. These have become a very popular meat here at Rainbow Ranch Farms and again we thank the Lori and Jim Enright for working closely with us to establish strong hertage lines of the finest quality heritage Kunekune pork in the U.S.A. today.

English Hogs: Old Spots, Berkshires, Hampshires, Landrace are now available as market-size hogs, for all your pork dinners.

Turkeys are setting and poults are scheduled to start pipping on May 2nd. We have a limited amount of turkeys this year and only pre-orders will be guaranteed. late orders and last minute orders, will not be accepted.
This year you can order by the size or by the breed.

Blue Slate - Bourbon Red - Chocolate - Narragansett - White Holland - Royal palm - Eastern Wild - Rio Grande Wild - Terroir Desert Gold - Terroir Desert Platinum.

Eggs are in season: If you would like to pick-up farm fresh eggs, please call 1-760-868-6206 and make an appointment to stop by and pick-up. At this time we have chicken eggs. Ducks and turkeys are setting and those eggs are currently not available. Thank you for your patience.

Crops are in the ground and some have began to sprout:

heirloom (non-G.M.O)cantaloupe - watermelon - zucchini - butternut squash - pumpkin - carrot - radish - beets - potatoes - peppers - egg plant and Mustard Greens -

The following greens will be planted after the last frost:
Heirloom (non-G.M.O)Kale - Cabbage - Broccoli - collards - spinach - lettuce and a few more.

We will have at least one goat and one lamb each month available! Thank you to Marco S. for coming out and BBQ'ing up delicious samples, to perfection.

We will begin infrastructure on our pasture-ranch in Summit Valley, CA. soon. We are waiting for 2 new solar-power poles to go in and then we dig a water well. Our ranch at the Summit Valley location, sits on the mojave river, so it coild virtually be dug by hand, or shovel. LOL!

Thank you to all our volunteers, and participants. To check on the latest CDFA developments, for  CSA, farm stand and Farmers Markets regulations, please contact the C.D.F.A.



Heritage Kunekune Pork. Grass Fed/Finished

Oven Roasters will be ready in 5 - 6 weeks.

Call today or visit our online store.



Spring Piglets!


Monthly Specials

Monthly Specials have been listed for members-only! www.rainbowranchfarms.com

C.S.A. Shipping - Feb. 2012

Today, Tuesday and Wednesday we are shipping. Please check your email for tracking number. If you do not get a tracking number by 2:30pm, please call me 1-760-868-6206


Follow our blog for updates: www.rainbowranchfarms.blogspot.com



Fresh beef, pork, and chicken

Today: Separating fresh beef, pork, chicken and more for pick-up. 3 Dexters, 1 lowline Angus, 2 kunekune hogs, 2 English hogs (yes, the big black English Grande) all processed. Currently processing poultry. See you all tomorrow. I will be unavailable by phone, email or fb until Monday. Thank you

Happy Superbowl Sunday!


Feb. Farm Pick-Up and Shipping Details.

Follow our blog, to get Farm-Member updates! February Farm Pick-Up and Shipping Details are posted on our blog: http://www.rainbowranchfarms.blogspot.com/

C.S.A. Subscription Orders Deadline!!

Place subscription orders before Jan. 23rd. We will calculate meat Subscriptions on Jan. 24th. Farm pick up: Sat. Feb. 4th. www.rainbowranchfarms.com P.S. A new Beef A-La-Cart Menu added.

Farm CSA Pick-up, volunteers and our little co-op PIX!


Pictures of Jan. 7th 2012 farm pick-up, our little co-op and volunteers! Check out our blog and sign up to follow!



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

Remember, the best way to get in touch is by telephone 1-760-868-6206, I only check emails and FB between 4:15am and 5:30am, after that we are out back, on the home farm, processing, packaging, shipping, making repairs, improvements, hauling from the pasture and our breeders, processing plants, butcher shops, delivering or packaging for shipping +++.


Than you!


Subscriptions, Deadlines, Pick-Up/Shipping

All C.S.A. subscriptions placed between Nov. 24th and yesterday, Dec. 23rd will be ready for pick-up on Jan 7th (I hope, LOL) and shipping on the week of Jan 9th 2012. All subscriptions placed from today (Dec. 24th 2011) through January 23rd 2011 will be processed for February 2012. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!

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