Rainbow Ranch Farms

  (Pinon Hills, California)
Organic, free-range, pastured, grass-fed/finished, heritage-breeds,
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C.S.A. Pick-Up Jan. 4th 2014

Jon Pieter Dow: Author, Novelist, Writer (The Suldonon (Western Spheres Trilogy) Milking Nigerian Dwarf goats at Rainbow Ranch Farms. Stop by on Saturday during C.S.A. farm pick-up and say hello.


Photo Link:: Jon Milking Nigerian Dwarf goats: http://rainbowranchfarms.blogspot.com/2014/01/sat-jan-4th-2014-farm-pick-up.html 


Next Home-Farm Event: Feb. 10th


Our next home-farm, event is scheduled for Sun. Feb. 10th. Gates open at 11:00 A.M. Please RSVP. 



 Rainbow Ranch Farms, Heritage -Breed, Pastured, Free-Range Poultry,is grown without any grains. No G.M.O's, and Gluten-Free!


Cattle pasture in the garden. Corn-Free, Soy-Free, G.M.O.-Free, Grain-Free Beef! www.rainbowranchfarms.blogspot.com


 After the last harvest of summer, cattle on home-farm, grazing it up.  Pictured, are old fashioned, Lowline Angus. They stand about 4' tall, and can weigh 1200lbs at maturity.     Heritage, and lowline breeds, are a great choice for the small farmer, looking to develop a sustainable, living system.    Beef is available in shares.  1/3rd of a beef:  80-90lbs of variety cuts: 1/3rd steaks, 1/3rd roasts, 1/3rd stew, ground and Kebab. Bones, liver, heart etc. are available.

 We grow seasonal produce and greens from saved, heirloom seeds, and certified organic seeds, without using any sprays,  pesticides, or herbicides.

As we harvest, the cattle, hogs, lambs, and poultry are free to pasture, and clear the area for the next planting.


Old fashioned, heritage-breed, livestock, pasture in the garden. www.rainbowranchfarms.blogspot.com

 We keep specific bird-breeds in each garden plot, for pest control. We are also bee keepers, and growers of a variety of valuable insects.

"Poisons, and toxic sprays are not acceptable", 




Farm Pick-Up & AKBA Show & Conference

We are currently preparing for on-farm, pick-up.

On farm pick-up, is scheduled for Saturday, September 1st. Gates open at 10:00 A.M. & gates close at 12:00 P.M. Please remember to bring a copy of your subscription invoice, and if you need directions, contact me: 1-760-868-6206.

Subscription orders have closed for September pick-up, and shipping. We are now accepting subscriptions for October. Thank you! 


 AKBA Conference is on Friday, Aug. 24th: gates open at 8:00 A.M. Ontario, California.

AKBA Show is on Saturday: Aug. 25th: gates open at 8:00 A.M. Chino, California Fairgrounds.


 We will be showing R.R.F. Kunekune-hogs, and presenting,(in the show ring), some young, in tact, Kunekune breeding stock (to the standard of perfection).


 Speakers at the AKBA conference will be addressing, hog related facts. The conference will feature various classes, demonstrations, seminars, Q&A, hands-on workshops, and a hog roast!


 Some of the world's leading experts, on Kunekune hogs will be present, including Lori Enright, President of the American Kunekune Breeders Association. This is a great time to learn about heritage-breed hogs, the preservation of rare, or endangered hogs, multi-purpose hogs, grass-feeding vs grain feeding, breeding for the show-ring, pets, preservation, breed-improvement, or meat. 

The Kunekune-breed is one of the best multi-purpose hogs, for small, sustainable, grass-based/pasture based, farming operations.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Thanks for subscribing to our farm-blog updates.


Farm Pick-Up, BBQ, Luau, and Artisan CO-OP

Join Us for a Luau, BBQ, C.S.A. Farm Pick-Up, Artisan Market co-op, and A-La-Cart Meat & Eggs. 

Sat. July 7 Rainbow Ranch Farms - BBQ, Luau, C.S.A. Farm Pick-Up, Artisan Market, and A-La-Cart Meat and Eggs! Members are welcome to bring a dish or beverage to share. * Lots of piglets on the ground, lambs, and baby chicks * come see the home-farm in all it's July, summer glory, and join us, in celebrating the week of our Independence.


You R Invited*BBQ July 7th on Home-Farm

Come join us, friends, family, farm members, volunteers and participants. We will be having a BBQ***** on the home-farm.

BBQ Pastured Beef, Pork, Lamb, Goat, and Chicken.

Some members will be bringing side dishes and beverages*****

 Sat. July 7th 10:00AM-12:00PM:

Since we will be working all week, including, through July 4th, to prepare for CSA farm pick-up, our celebration will be on July 7th, and we want to celebrate with YOU****

Come, Join-Us!!!





Produce-Pick Up-Fruits-Veggies-Meat-Gathering@Farm

Sustainable produce, fruits, greens, veggies, meat, friends & family. Certified Organic, Bio-dynamic/Demeter certified...

Available from our very own Farm Members, Artisans, Executive Chef, Horticulturalists and Bio-dynamic, Organic Growers & Participants of Rainbow Ranch Farms, Community Supported Agricultural Programs!!

Rainbow Ranch Farms growing standards apply: Heirloom seeds and sources, Certified Organic, Bio-dynamic/Demeter certified, locally and sustainably produced/grown.

NO G.M.O.'s, NO toxic sprays, NO greenhouse/high tunnel plastic gases, NO patented seeds or sources. "Grown As Nature Intended"

The week of Dec. 4th is sold-out, please be sure to reserve your boxes in advance, they do sell out very quickly!


Rainbow Ranch Farms, Home-Farm: 1-760-868-6206

California: Pick up is Sat. Dec. 10th at the home-farm: All members coming from Utah, Arizona and Nevada: pick-up is Sunday, Dec. 11th. Remember to please carpool.  

Bountiful Harvest CO-OP: Apple Valley, CA.

J.B.O. Los Angeles, CA


Stephan and Jess will be bringing....

baby arugula
baby salad mix
red leaf lettuce
romaine lettuce
savoy lettuce
red bell peppers
pineapple guava
meyer lemon
valencia juice oranges 

Pre-Packed: Vegetable Box

baby arugula

baby salad mix

head lettuce

bunches spinach

bunch leeks

bunch kale

bunch beets

head celery

bunch broccoli

bunch carrots

red bell pepper


bunch parsley

Pre-Packed: fruit box!!!


pineapple guava


 meyer lemon


Sam will be bringing...

Italian Ketchup

Gourmet Olives: Hand selected, cured and made by Sam

White Fig Preserves

Nectarine/Raisin Preserves

Spice Plum Preserves

Camponata: Italian Eggplant Appetizer

Green tomato chili sauce: (Not tomatillo) these are actual heirloom green tomatoes

Amalsi Coast Lemon Onion

Morocco Cucumber Chunks

Cranberry Orange Marmalade

Zucchini Ginger Marmalade

Zucchini Relish: no cabbage as filler: not the real sweet stuff

Sam grows, hand picks and makes all these delicious gourmet foods!!

All pesticide-free – from organically & locally grown Produce - No pectin – no preservatives no salt – NO high fructose corn syrup - No color enhancements.

Sam developed a "one-of-a-kind" micro climate, where he grows heirloom citrus fruit trees in the High Desert, with tremedous success. This is not easy with the freeze that we see in this zone. He grows all his produce and fruits naturally, outside and with no pesticides!! Sam is Awesome.

Sam is an Executive Chef, a farmer, a true artisan, and horticulturalist.


will bring her delicious certified organic living dressing, now available at B.J's market in Apple Valley, CA.



will bring delicious Artisan baked goods!!l

 Rainbow Ranch Farms...

Of course, we will have our "Terroir", heritage, fresh, grass fed, free range meats: Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Goat, Duck Eggs, Chicken Eggs, Game Bird Eggs and Malaysian Game Birds: Bring Your Cooler w/Ice Packs!!

Come enjoy a cool winter morning on the farm, tour our feed bin, processing areas, brooders, spend time with the heritage chickens, game birds, turkeys, ducks, cattle, sheep, lambs, English hogs, Kunekune pigs, take photos, videos, share your experience with the world.

Collect eggs, see the newborn calves and more...

Know your farmer and trust your food!


SAT. June 4th, Farm Pick-Up

Farm Pick-Up Is Scheduled for Sat. June 4th 10-11am.

If you have any questions, please call me 1-760-868-6206

Yes, you are welcome to bring your dog: please keep on leash and protect your pet from the larger livestock, and prevent your dog from attacking the birds and lambs.

I have dogs here, one is a fixed female and the other is a fixed male, I also have farm cats! ENJOY!

If you need to confirm an order, please do so by Friday, June 3rd.




WORK SHOP UPDATE!- Chickens, Eggs, Poultry, Growing, Harvesting, Building

WORK SHOP- Chickens, Eggs, Poultry, Growing, Harvesting, Building




"A Day in The Life With Chickens" workshop.


Xenia of Rainbow Ranch Farms, Instructor and Hosted by: Jordan Stone of Delaney's Artisan Market in Temecula 1-760-277-8575 .

I have included the hostess ph#, for you to contact her directly, so sorry about that, I thought the email address was enough. Thank you all for contacting me regarding this workshop, I look forward to seeing you!



We will be learning self reliance with poultry, chickens, eggs and related, building coops, hatching, breeding, mixing organic feed, growing chickens without corn. Soy and G.M.O.'s,



Start a small business, start a CSA, how to butcher chickens humanely and in a sanitary manner, and to counterbalance the current turmoil of our economic climate.



We will be building a small coop, mixing a nutritionally balanced feed, learning complete care and growth of chickens, how to get ultra nutritious and delicious eggs, how to "harvest/butcher"  chickens (if that's what you choose), how to have fertile chickens for hatching your next generation of chickens.

This is great knowledge for sustainable living which could easily become a must for our current "economic climate". Use this new found information to feed your family, sell at market or give away to extended family and friends.

There will only be room for limited participants. Come prepared to work and get involved. Everyone will leave with a handwritten syllabus and diagrams of how to do this at home and your own harvested chicken.


To Sign Up Today, Please call Jordan: 1-760-277-8575 leave a detailed message with your return ph# 2X.

Spots are filling up quickly so reserve your spot asap!





Sunday, April 10 · 8:00am12:00pm






A Farm in Temecula (Disclosed to Participants Only)



Created By



Jordan Stone To Participate, please email: delaneysculinaryfresh-AT-hotmail-DOT-com
















Piglets Born Yesterday - 12

12 piglets born to first time mommy, Cheetoe. She was very protective of her piglets while we were moving them to a secure area, while she followed.



2 at a time, being moved into a warm area for the cold winter night and mommy cuddled with her newborns.


Once all the piglets were under the shelter with soft grasses, mommy came in to take care of them.

When these beauties are ready, most of them will go to live on open pasture where they will join our pastured hog herd, and a few will remain here, since they are already sold; From Luau pigs to to pets.

We will see you this weekend for pick-up at the farm!


Bicycle CO-OP Tour Update

Good morning! The group of university students touring co-op's and farms across the country will be here on Thursday Feb. 10th.

They are only using bicycles as a form of transportation and are a dedicated to this project. They will be visiting co-op's and farms as a part of a sustainable agriculture research and development project, which they are working on at the University.

They are all carrying tents in back packs and one of the group members "Cecilia"  has been wonderful about keeping us posted on their progress.

 They reached  Hesperia, CA last night, from Santa Clarita, and the tour goes on. Farm members are welcome to come visit on Thursday, Feb. 10th to help around the farm and meet these wonderful students on a mission.

There will be work! moving corrals, raking and shoveling debris, manure management, feeding, watering, separating livestock and so much more.

We will be cooking homemade pizzas in the stone oven, chicken will be roasting along with game birds and beef.

To participate, please contact me.



Some of our  farm members will be performing at the COACHELLA FESTIVAL, Join us for great food, rocking music and a fun filled time for the whole family.

Some of the artists performing will be Kings Of Leon, Arcade Fire and Kanye West. We have a giant group going, plus back stage passes! Tickets go on sale TODAY! 1-21-11




Celebrity Cook-Off 2011

Celebrity cook-off 2011 - All the produce, meats, dairy, fish etc.. will be locally grown and of heritage varieties. Grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. The meats will be 100% pure, grown without the use of corn, soy or wheat and G.M.O. FREE!

We will try to make it a 100 mile celebrity cook-off this year.  To have your products considered for the 2011 event please contact the farm from our listing page, here on LH.

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