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Growing Your Own Chickens For Meat

Growing Your Own Chickens For Meat

By Katie Pepper Morgan

The decision to raise your own chickens for their meat is one that many more people are making. By raising your own meat you will control what your chickens eat. If you are choosing to feed your family only free range chickens, then you can insure your chickens are free range.

COST OF RAISING CHICKENS FOR MEAT: You will be surprised to learn you probably won't save much money growing your own chickens for meat unless you plan on raising a large number of chickens and filling up your freezer.

ARE ALL CHICKEN MEATS THE SAME?: Meat you raise yourself may not taste exactly like the chicken you buy at your local grocery store. Most people think the fresh meat you raise yourself actually tastes better, while other people think the taste takes some getting used to. Some people can not tell the difference between the store bought chicken and home grown chicken meat.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?: How long it'll take to raise chicks to butcher depends on what type of chicks you choose to purchase. You can purchase fast growing chicks from online hatcheries which will be ready to butcher in about 15-16 weeks or so. This is a very fast turn around time. If you choose to raise a standard breed like New Hampshire's or Rhode Island Reds then it may take a little longer until they are ready to be butchered.

If you are concerned about the treatment chickens may be in commercial farms while they are being raised for meat then you may wish to raise your own chicks for meat. This isn't a decision for everyone. Butchering can be hard, especially if you form a close bond to the chickens. If you are unsure if you will be able to handle the butchering, then you can probably hire someone to do it for you.

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