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CO-OP/Farm Tour On Bicycles - Across The U.S.A.

A group of young university students are riding their bicycles across the country, stopping and staying at co-op's, farms, and C.S.A's as part of their sustainable, agricultural research program.

There are 7 total, in their early 20's, currently at U.C. Santa Barbara.

They will be arriving here, via bicycle next week, and staying for a few days. How they will get through these dirt roads, I will never know LOL.

We are excited and fortunate to host this glorious event. If you are interested in hosting them, please let me know, so that I may pass your info along to them.

They have tents (in backpacks-wow). One of them is a vegetarian, so be prepared for that!

I spoke to one of their aunties (a long time, dear friend), yesterday and we are pleased to support their mission. I spoke to one of the ladies on the tour and they are out and about learning about sustainable farming and agriculture, co-op's and C.S.A.'s to further their research and development.

This is a wonderful project and they are determined to do this all on bicycles, with limited resouces (computers, technology etc), they deserve our support!

1-760-868-6206 Please call for more info.

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