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CO-OP Tour/Bicycles - update!

There has been an incredible union of support: I had the priviledge of talking with many farmers, C.S.A's and co-op leaders yesterday.

I have already passed on all the information from yesterday and the tour- team will be in contact with the co-op's, C.S.A's and farms as they get the information.

If you would like to participate in supporting this project, please contact me, so that I may pass the info along. 1-760-868-6206

Currently heading toward Malibu:

They are so grateful and simply overjoyed to have this opportunity to visit all of these wonderful places, and to experience first hand and close-up, small family farms, food co-op's, Community Supported Agriculture, and sustainable farming across America.

We are just happy to be to helpful and supportive during their journey.

I will be posting updates, photos, videos and info on our Private-Blog, facebook, twitter, websites, public blogs and our member forum. Please be sure to tune-in to see who they are visiting, and learn of their incredible journey

Thank you!


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