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Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food - Gov't GRANT, LOANS & SUPPORT

You can get a government grant to grow food. Grants, Loans & Support.

Earlier this year, in response to President Obama's challenge to reinvigorate local food systems, each of USDA's 26 agencies was asked to come forward with programs that can help support this effort...and they did.

It's no surprise that USDA has programs throughout its operations that can assist farmers, help consumers access nutritious foods, and support rural community development. We provide billions of dollars annually doing all this and more. What may be a surprise is that we have programs all across the Department that can cultivate local capacity to strengthen local and regional food systems. We don't need to create a new slate of programs; we need to make sure that the ones we have work better.

In some cases, you may be using approved pesticides, but since they are approved, you may still be able to get Certified Organic or Certified Organic Exempt (C.O. Status, may depend on income reported and/or types of pesticide use reported). Please contact the USDA to get more accurate information. http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/recd_map.html For more program information: http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/rbs/busp/rbeg.htm

We encourage everyone interested to apply and participate in this U.S.D.A. project.

NOTE: Our small green house is not part of a grant or approved pesticide study, we built it ourselves with our member and sustainer support, and only need it to start early seeds.  We grow everything "Pesticide-Free" outside in the sunshine and fresh air; this is how our members, family, friends, neighbors and livestock want food grown.  As a result, we do lose a bit more produce to the critters, and we bargain for it, so we grow a little extra to supply the critters too, the chickens take care of the little, bugs. 

That being said, some tri-city residents and farmers markets participants have chosen this route and they have our support. We continue to encourage folks to grow to their ultimate potential and to help the supply of local, affordable and alternative food supply. They may be millionaires soon! and you can be too (LOL-LOL).


Get more information: To apply for any USDA Rural Development Programs, contact your state or local office:

http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/recd_map.html For more program information: http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/rbs/busp/rbeg.htm




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