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Making Bacon and Flavoring Fresh Pork Belly

As many of us know fresh pork belly or Fresh bacon slices have very little flavor without being seasoned, brined, smoked or cured. Here are a few ideas:

The first article is by www.3men.com, thank you!!


Bacon is made from fresh pork which has been cured (preserved with salt) so that it will keep for longer. There are two main methods of curing:

Dry Curing

Wet Curing


A very informative article by www.3men.com, thank you!!


The second is by Chow Hound Thank you ..

First time cooking PORK BELLY report

Hi hounds. Despite the unbelievable 80+ degree weather we've been getting in coastal CA this week, I cooked my first pork belly and thought I'd share my results and what I learned.

I couldn't resist buying the bone-in pork belly when I was at an Asian market (Lion in San Jose) and it was so fresh-looking and cheap. Never having cooked w/ it before, I figured that I would go ahead and pre-season it w/ S&P and figure out a cooking method later.



This one is a short video, enjoy..


GREAT VIDEO BY Simply Ming and graspr.com

This video brings the power of simple brining and cooking to the kitchen for all your fresh belly slice needs......



Member Harvest - Fresh Pork WINNERS!!! LOL-LOL - FREE FRESH PORK!!!!!


Alison D., Katy B., Eric N., Jeff C., Kerri N., Stephan G., Chris D., and Beth H. S.


EACH WON 5.0lbs of fresh pork for pick-up at the farm on May 7th. Saturday 10:00am -

Monday we harvested one of our Grande English Hampshires "Opey". She has always been quite the BIG-HIT here on the farm.


Yesterday, we offered a short and exclusive "Special Offer" to participants where some of our farm members where offered the opportunity to win 5.0lbs of Free Fresh Pork.

The amount we offered was a 1/2 portion of our personal full share!!! the rest was already spoken for by farm members.


This English Grande Hampshire sported a hanging carcass weight of 400lbs - WOW - INCREDIBLE: Heritage breed, free range, grass fed, grass finished on our exclusive proprietary, Certified Organic Blend - Hundreds of us watched over time as she performed and finished WITHOUT ANY Corn, Soy, Wheat, Grains, NO G.M.O.'s and Gluten Free!!!!


Heritage, rare and endangered healthy happy....

Pork, beef, chicken, game birds, goat, duck eggs, thanksgiving turkeys, turkey eggs, lamb, chicken and game eggs.


OUR CERTIFIED ORGANIC - EXCLUSIVE PROPRIETARY FEED BLEND (patent pending) offers naturally occuring vitamins, minerals and amino acids: NO SUPPLEMENTS NEEDED!!!!


HERITAGE CHICKENS, GAME, DUCKS and TURKEYS: Our birds range the property freely, they pasture, breed, scratch, fly,  weed the gardens and forage.

HERITAGE PIGS: Talk about free range.. the destruction is daily LOL-LOL, 12 piglets running everywhere, sows, boars and piglets rooting, turning the soil and mowing down the grasses. Scatching posts, everything is a scratching post!!!!

HERITAGE PURE BREED CATTLE: How many times are we going to replace the passion fruit plants?? Range, pastured, grass fed, grass finished - running, playing, jumping, belowing (Oh So Loud)and geeze, how many scratching trees do they really need? We can not keep up with all the brushing: we need volunteers to brush these giant, beautiful creatures daily.

GOATS: Need I say how spoiled rotten these cuties really are, I mean 24/7 pasturing a 5 acre mountainous and desert landscape in Apple Valley, and fed an exclusive high end grass diet and our feed blend. A temperature contolled birthing barn, lined with straw, sheets, blankets and everything cleaned 3-4 times each day.

All the tree branches and leaves are the same distance from the ground...REALLY??

LAMB AND RANGE CATTLE: Our ranges, pastures, herds and processing methods are all managed by one of the foremost experts in the livestock, meat and processing inspection industry, not just here in the U.S.A. but also parts of Europe and South America, we work directly with the best.

Lamb and open range cattle are 100% free range on large, lush green pastures, filled with custom selected seeded blend pastures, native and nutritious grasses, wild flowers and natural vegetation, all year round, NEVER TO BE SUPPLEMENTED!! No Corn, No Soy, No Wheat, No G.M.O's, and Gluten Free:


We specialize in heritage, rare and endangered heritage livestock breeds.

Pure food for the purist at heart

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh...... Fresh meat!!

All our livestock are Humanely Handled.

Traceability and Verified.

Pastured, grass fed and grass finished

Heirloom and Certified Organic feed and gardens 

No Corn, No Soy, No G.M.O's and Gluten Free

We breed, grow, harvest and offer as nature intended

We PRODUCE, GROW and HARVEST everything we offer without any pesticides, herbicides, artificial or sterilized manures, hormones, steroids, anti-microbials or antibiotics.

When you want to watch your food grow, Select you chicken or turkey, collect your eggs, when you want to be involved in knowing your food, volunteer, know your farmer, select your goat, buying local, buying from sustainable farms and having control over how you feed your loved ones...we are your connection to sustainable food, located in the California Mojave Desert.

To learn more about Rainbow Ranch Farms, or to find a farmers market, shop, specialty store, butcher shop, co-op, or custom delivery service near you that carries our products, please call: 1-760-868-6206.


Every vendor, co-op, market, C.S.A., restaurant and small business who offers or carries our products for retail purposes, are carefully screened for truth in advertising, honesty, reliability, traceability and ethical business practices. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed.. 


Best Prices & Highest Quality On Today's Market - Poultry, Pork, Beef, Lamb, Turkeys and Goat


9 heritage (rare & endangered) breeds

Thus far we have hundreds of heritage turkeys reserved for 2011 thanksgiving! We offer 9 heritage (rare & endangered) breeds, grown out on pasture, grass fed, free range and grass finished on Certified Organic Fodder, beneath the warm sun and fresh breeze.


Orders are still coming in for heritage thanksgiving turkeys....

Grown out on pasture, grass fed, free range and grass finished on Certified Organic Fodder.

I am happy to discuss these subjects, please call me direct at 1-760-868-6206


Our prices have stayed the same over the years and we do not anticipate an increase in prices. Our High Quality meats and customer service is second to none.

I am happy to discuss these subjects, please call me direct at 1-760-868-6206


This year we will also offer "Harvest Your Own Turkey" Workshop, here on the farm. We offer fresh shipping direct to your doorstep, on the week of thanksgiving and pick-up at the farm, as well as several drop -off points throughout California.


Our gourmet turkeys will be available at a few small ma & pa health food stores, co-op's, specialty stores and C.S.A.'s..Call the farm for details 1-760-868-6206

I am happy to discuss these subjects, please call me direct at 1-760-868-6206


Our turkey chicks are laid and hatched naturally here at the farm, and we also reserve heritage day-old turkey poults from a local, sustainable family hatchery from 1-2 years in advance: by doing our part, it helps to preserve the true heritage breeds of rare and endangered breeds often classified as critically endangered due to so many farmers (small family, commercial and industrialized farms) growing commercial giant white (broad Breasted White) and broad breasted bronze turkeys that grow to market weight as soon as 10-14 weeks from hatch.

Know Your Farmer - Know Your Food!!!!

I am happy to discuss these subjects, please call me direct at 1-760-868-6206


Growing commercial type turkeys often means that the farmer is using a commercial corn and soy based feed and most often this feed is medicated, sprayed with pesticides, and filled with antibiotics, digestive aids,and fillers, especially snce these types of birds are prone to many types of mutating diseases, such as, sinusitis, heart disease, lung disease, respiratory disease and so much more.

Commercial type turkeys are designed to feast on commercial feed 24 hours per day and grow quickly, often too fast for their organs to keep up. Some farmers find it funny that these turkeys get so big that the birds can barely walk to get water or find it some what entertaining that the birds suffer from leg problems too, and often are ridden to the ground until butchered.

Take a moment to ask yourself, "where does all that contaminated manure go"? "Do turkeys deserve torture"? and "why do we continue to support these sorts of practices"?

Ask to visit the farm, ask to see the feed tags, ask what breeds of turkeys they are growing, take pictures and do your research and get to know your food.

I am happy to discuss these subjects, please call me direct at 1-760-868-6206

Make an informed decision to buy healthy, happy food that is environmentally freindly and sustainable.


I am happy to discuss the above subjects, please call me direct at 1-760-868-6206


I am happy to discuss the above subjects, please call me direct at 1-760-868-6206


Family Works Together In Harmony-Teens Helping On The Farm

In times of technological change, internet gaming, texting and teenage advancement: We are very fortunate here at Rainbow Ranch Farms to share our farming with good wholesome folks of all ages!


2 days ago my sister and my 3 nieces came to visit, the children are from 8yrs to 13 years old.

The girls jumped right in, w/feeding cattle, baby piglets, sows, boars, Dexter calves, egg layers (collecting eggs), turkeys & ducks  OH MY!

The little one (8) had an Idea, of moving the roosters into the green aviary from the larger range, (it was a great idea) we got right on it, my sister, Dennis & I carried the birds, one by one to the small aviary, my 8 year old niece, got the gates, brought the feed cans over & organized the move, all while my 11 year old niece was shoveling mulch over the new organic grass seeds in the pasture.

While my sister & I got to chatting, the girls noticed it was time to water the crops, they began to fill the hand watering cans, pull hoses & do what was needed, then came time to brush the cattle too.

My 13 year old neice (very brave) was inside the corral with our 11 year old heifer & various cows & bulls getting to know everyone, all while making sure they were all brushed, cared for, well fed & that thier auto-water had clean water supply, she felt comfortable & safe around these giant beasts w/horns.

It was joyuss to see young people (my sister is 8 years younger than me and a corporate guru) getting involved, getting their hands dirty, doing what came naturally to them & feeling comfortable w/ all the livestock, the crops & old fashioned farming.

We all had good times, the children especially!



My 2 daughters (21 and 23 years old) are very supportive of our family farm and they always have been, both are level headed and interested in the reality of the world and not stuck into video games, as so many are today, and we do count our blessings.

My eldest daughter (23yrs)is self reliant, a self starter, and is in upper management of a large company in Georgia and often travels for business.

My youngest daughter (21yrs) is self motivated, Independent and is self employed here in Southern California.

They are always interested in what's new on the farm and excited to learn of farm news.


Dennis had to finally stop going to work every day and stay here on the farm.

As a pilot, he has flown private, commercial and cargo - since Junior High School he has been a pilot, then came the United States Air Force, for a decade of service.

When he returned to civilian life and still a full time Captain, Dennis could not wait to build stone ovens on his time off, build BBQ's, make pizza, homemade wine, raise chickens, make homemade cheeses and butter..

It is so funny how life takes us all in different directions, as if we are on a map and someone is moving thier fingers across it...LOL

Dennis is so happy to be on the farm full time, and so am I.


It is so true! Dennis and I really love what we do and nothing compares to the importance of our farm, farm members, sustainers, family, freinds, customers and neighbors, pulling together to make beautiful things happen in the organic food world.

We are a family farm with all the support of our entire family. I could not imagine going back to my old work, or even letting my hobbies interfere with all that we have built with the great help of so many wonderful people.

We are all here for each other building our futures and securing our food supply for what may be ahead.

God Bless You All and Thank you!



11 things you should buy organic

By Sara Reistad-Long



By now, we all know there’s a benefit to buying some stuff organic. But these days you’re faced with the option of getting everything organic—from fruits and veggies to mattresses and clothing. You want to do right by your body, for sure, but going the all-natural route en masse can be pricey.

So we wondered: What’s really essential for our health? That’s why we came up with this definitive list. Here's what should be in your cart—and what you don’t have to worry about.

You’ve probably read plenty of stories about the risks of eating chicken. But the most important protein to buy organic may well be beef. "Research suggests a strong connection between some of the hormones given to cattle and cancer in humans, particularly breast cancer," says Samuel Epstein, MD, professor emeritus of environmental and occupational medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health. Specifically, the concern is that the estrogen-like agents used on cattle could increase your cancer risk, adds Ted Schettler, MD, science director at the Science and Environmental Health Network.

Though there are strong regulations about the use of hormones in cattle, "not all beef producers are following those regulations strictly, and some studies continue to find hormone residue in cattle," Dr. Schettler says. When you buy beef that’s been certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), you’re not only cutting out those hormones, you’re also avoiding the massive doses of antibiotics cows typically receive, which the USDA says may lead to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in people.

Health.com: 10 types of food that can make you sick

Strawberries may be a superfood—but they pose a potential risk unless you go organic. In addition to having up to 13 pesticides detected on the fruit, according to an Environmental Working Group (EWG) analysis, conventional "strawberries have a large surface area and all those tiny bumps, which makes the pesticides hard to wash off, so you’re ingesting more of those chemicals," explains Marion Nestle, PhD, a professor of nutrition and public health at New York University and author of What to Eat.

If you can, also skip conventional peaches, apples, blueberries, and cherries, which are typically treated with multiple pesticides and usually eaten skins-on.

Your pots and pans are just as crucial to upgrade as the food you cook in them: "Most nonstick cookware contains a fluorochemical called PTFE that breaks down to form toxic fumes when overheated," says Olga Naidenko, PhD, a senior scientist at the EWG. "Those fumes can coat the inside of the lungs and cause allergy-like symptoms."

Tests commissioned by the EWG showed that in just two to five minutes on a conventional stove top, cookware coated with nonstick surfaces could exceed temperatures at which the coating emits toxic gases. Switch to stainless steel, ceramic, or cast iron cookware.

Health.com: 11 kitchen tools that keep you thin

The linings of microwave-popcorn bags may contain a toxic chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, which is used to prevent the food from sticking to the paper. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), PFOA is a likely carcinogen. "We don’t know all of the hazardous effects of PFOA yet, but we have some evidence of a link to cancer, as well as to effects on the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems," says David Carpenter, MD, director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany.

Pick up an air-popper or make your popcorn in a pan on the stove top.

Yard pesticides
Some lawn and garden pesticides contain suspected carcinogens, according to EPA data. Long-term pesticide exposure may be related to changes in the brain and nervous system, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center reports. "Not only are you breathing the chemicals in, but you bring them indoors and onto carpets via your shoes," says McKay Jenkins, PhD, a journalism professor at the University of Delaware and author of What’s Gotten Into Us?

Healthier brands like BurnOut and EcoClear are made from vinegar and lemon juice, and are effective weed-killers.

Heatlh.com: 10 dirty fruits and vegetables

All-purpose home cleaners
Time for spring-cleaning? Using common household cleaners may expose you to potentially harmful chemicals. Ammonia and chlorine bleach can irritate the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract. And some cleaners contain phthalates, some of which are endocrine disruptors, meaning they interfere with normal hormone activity, says EWG senior scientist Becky Sutton, PhD.

Although there’s no definitive proof that phthalates cause problems in humans, "the greatest concern is how early-life exposure will affect male [reproductive] development," Dr. Carpenter says. There’s weaker evidence, he adds, that phthalates affect the nervous and immune systems. Go natural with the cleaner you use the most frequently and in the most places, such as kitchen-counter spray—look for brands approved by Green Seal or EcoLogo, two organizations that identify products that have met environmental label guidelines.

Health.com: Green guide to cleaning

Water bottles
You’ve probably heard that many hard, reusable plastic water bottles could be bad for you because they may contain BPA, or bisphenol A, another endocrine disruptor according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

"For adults, the biggest concern with BPA is that it may increase the risk of breast cancer in women and reduce sperm counts in men," says Dr. Carpenter, who explains that BPA can leach out into the water in the bottle. To be safe, sip from an unlined stainless steel or BPA-free plastic bottle.

Food-storage containers
BPA strikes again: Many food-storage containers are made of the hard, clear polycarbonate plastic that may contain BPA. As is the case with water bottles, the BPA can leach out of the plastic in these containers and seep into your leftovers.

Health.com: Studies report more harmful effects from BPA

"The leaching is increased during heating, but it also leaches to a smaller degree even when cold foods are stored," Dr. Carpenter explains. Glass containers are your safest—not to mention planet-friendly—bet. Both Rubbermaid (at left) and Pyrex make glass ones with BPA-free plastic lids.

The milk you’re drinking may not be doing your body good: Dairy products account for a reported 60 to 70 percent of the estrogens we consume through our food. If that seems like a shockingly large number, it’s mainly because milk naturally contains hormones passed along from cows. What worries some experts is that about 17% of dairy cows are treated with the hormone rBST (or rBGH), which stimulates milk production by increasing circulating levels of another hormone called insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1).

"Elevated levels of IGF-1 in people are associated with an increased risk of cancer, including breast cancer," Dr. Schettler explains. In fact, the use of rBGH is banned in Europe and Canada. Although research has yet to definitively conclude whether drinking rBGH-treated milk increases your IGF-1 levels high enough to cause concern, Dr. Schettler says it’s advisable to buy milk that hasn’t been treated with it. So pick up milk that’s labeled rBGH-free, rBST-free, or is produced without artificial hormones.

Health.com: 11 healthy milk shakes and smoothies

When researchers at the EWG analyzed 89,000 produce-pesticide tests to determine the most contaminated fruits and vegetables, celery topped the chart. "In terms of the sheer number of chemicals, it was the worst," says Sonya Lunder, senior analyst at the EWG. Celery stalks are very porous, so they retain the pesticides they’re sprayed with—up to 13 of them, according to the EWG analysis. Lunder also advises buying organic bell peppers, spinach and potatoes because they scored high for pesticides, as well.

Tomato sauce
When picking up tomato sauce or paste, choose the glass jar or box over the can. "The lining on the inside of food cans that’s used to protect against corrosion and bacteria may contain BPA," explains Cheryl Lyn Walker, PhD, a professor of carcinogenesis at MD Anderson Cancer Center and past president of the Society of Toxicology.

In 2009, Consumer Reports tested BPA levels in a variety of canned foods and found it in nearly all of the brands tested, suggesting that the chemical leaked in. "What can happen is that BPA in the lining can leach into the food," Walker explains.


Member Boxes: Shipping Today!

CSA and P.B. Boxes will be shipped today!

Usually CSA boxes are shipped out on the first Monday of each month, however yesterday we were faced with a delay. Please accept our deepest apology for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

P.B. Boxes will exclude fresh pork this week. If you would like to contact me regarding this matter, please call the farm 1-760-868-6206




Amish Cheese - Artisan Bread - Grass Finished Beef - Heirloom Veggies

 Last Nights Home Grown Dinner:

Dennis & I split grass fed top & bottom round beef steaks, lightly oiled w/virgin cocunut butter brought to us by Pye, served w/Cecilias authentic artisan Greek Easter Braid, slathered in artisan, raw butter w/ delicious, creamy Amish & raw cheeses (from Gloria & Stephen), from when they personally visited & toured small family cheese factories in New York!


Heirloom Organic starter plants from Stephan and Jessica: Healthy and ready to bloom: Tomatoes, pumpkins, acorn squash and more..

Heorloom Organic starter plants already in the beds: from Craig and Gary at Winnetka: Old fashioned Italian sqaushes, tomatoes and zucchini ... etc

Organic coconut flour, coconut sugar and virgin coconut oil from Pye.

All natural artisan granola mix from Cecilia and rootbeer!

What a fabulous day... Thank you Thank you and Thank you!


Pork Shares - Farm Pick Up

Pork Shares will be available for pick-up on Saturday April 2nd between 10-11am here at the farm.

Beef Shares will be delivered sometime next week!

Have a great weekend.

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