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Organic, free-range, pastured, grass-fed/finished, heritage-breeds,
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3,248.94lbs of Heritage, Range Turkey Processed

Between Nov. 5th and Nov. 19th 2011, 3,248.94lbs of heritage turkey processed by Rainbow Ranch Farms, farm members, volunteers, participants and happy helpers.  Processing will continue through Wednesday Nov. 23rd.

Grown on Rainbow Ranch Farms, by Rainbow Ranch Farms caretakers, volunteers, participants and farm members.

Rainbow Ranch Farms Terroir, heritage turkeys are started and finished with a grass based protocol. Bugs, worms, maggots and various native insects are a part of a turkeys natural diet.

Rainbow Ranch Farms sold out of Terroir, heritage, range turkeys 13 months in advance, for 2011 Thanksgiving.  We are now accepting subscriptions for 2012 thanksgiving turkeys!

2012 Breeds, we grow heritage, rare and/or endangered breeds.

White Holland

White Midget

Rio Grande Wild

Royal Palm

Bourbon Red



Spanish Black

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Rainbow Ranch Farms Terroir turkeys are free range, grass fed, pastured (during season), and grown WITHOUT ANY corn, soy, wheat, no barley, no G.M.O's and Gluten-Free! Fed a custom feed blend made up of Certified Organic ingredients.

Rainbow Ranch Farms Terroir turkeys are NOT vegetarians. They fly, lay eggs, range freely, and mate naturally.


We never use any posssible toxic (fad, popular, fly by night, alternative faux ingredients) substances, organic or NOT! such as flaxseed...People get caught up in fads and in what's popular without knowing the dietary needs of livestock and ultimately, health problems will surface. 

Just because a flax seed has a high protein, does not necssarily make it a healthy choice to feed to poultry.

1. Does Cyanide cook out of the turkey meat??

2. Is flax seed sustainable??

3. Should flax seed be used as an alternative to soy protein??

4. Has America run out of protein options, that some farmers are replacing one possible poison for an even worse poison??

In addition, turkeys, chickens and game birds DO NOT like flax seed, it is not palatable to them. They must be food deprived to eat it and forced. it is inhumane.

Flax Seeds Side Effects:

Flax Seed Warnings:

Flax Seeds Toxic To Poultry by U.C.Davis

Here at Rainbow Ranch Farms, our mission has always been to stick as close to nature as desertly possible. It is best for the livestock and us.

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food, Know Your Farm and support small family farms.

Rainbow Ranch Farms, "Doing It Nature's Way!"

All products are organic by local, national and international Standards and are grown, produced, raised and/or processed by Rainbow Ranch Farms. Upon request, some meat is processed under U.S.D.A. inspection, including but not limited to Kosher or Halal.

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