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Pork Mix-Up!! Members Please Read!!

Pork Tenderloin Mix-up at the butcher!! Members Please Read!

Members: ABOUT PORK!! NOT all pork we picked up was our pork!! There was a mix-up at the butcher, a farmers market vendor accidentally picked up OUR pork tenderloin and some other packages!!! Please post, please share!! Some of the pork tenderloin from pick-up on Dec. 10th was not RRF HOG!! There was a pick-up mix-up!!!

Some of our pork got mixed-up with a farmers market seller! Please be advised! The market seller got some of our pork tenderloin and we got some of thier USDA Pork.. Do not "like" their pork better than ours!! OMG!!!

There is nothing we can do, The farmers market seller, sold our pork at a farmers market!! This was an accident! please post and share!! Good thing he was not inspected during the market, he was selling custom processed pork tenderloin illegally and by accident!

I am by the phone: call me with any questions or concerns 1-760-868-6206. Please share this info!!

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