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Chickens For Meat? - Cost/Breed/Feed?

Chickens For Meat? - Cost/Breed/Feed?


Chickens For Meat? - Cost/Breed/Feed?


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by Ireland-or-bust ยป Thu May 22, 2008 10:02 am


Hi all,

I'm hoping to get my chicken meat from my own supply.

Now, here are the questions...

1. I have Light Sussex and Dorkings, Are they fast enough growers?
They are certainly fat enough...

2. How long will a L.S. take to get to an eating weight?

3. How much food will it take to get it there?

I would like to get broilers, but they have to be bought and that to me is not sustainable at all.

I have all the gear/space etc i just need a bit of info from someone who has DONE IT already. I have an 80 egg incubator and barn space for 3 times that in hens.

I am getting a horrible feeling that the feed is going to cost more than the chicken in the super market. It doesn't matter that it's nicer.
The electric company doesn't accept niceness cheques.




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