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Family Works Together In Harmony-Teens Helping On The Farm

In times of technological change, internet gaming, texting and teenage advancement: We are very fortunate here at Rainbow Ranch Farms to share our farming with good wholesome folks of all ages!


2 days ago my sister and my 3 nieces came to visit, the children are from 8yrs to 13 years old.

The girls jumped right in, w/feeding cattle, baby piglets, sows, boars, Dexter calves, egg layers (collecting eggs), turkeys & ducks  OH MY!

The little one (8) had an Idea, of moving the roosters into the green aviary from the larger range, (it was a great idea) we got right on it, my sister, Dennis & I carried the birds, one by one to the small aviary, my 8 year old niece, got the gates, brought the feed cans over & organized the move, all while my 11 year old niece was shoveling mulch over the new organic grass seeds in the pasture.

While my sister & I got to chatting, the girls noticed it was time to water the crops, they began to fill the hand watering cans, pull hoses & do what was needed, then came time to brush the cattle too.

My 13 year old neice (very brave) was inside the corral with our 11 year old heifer & various cows & bulls getting to know everyone, all while making sure they were all brushed, cared for, well fed & that thier auto-water had clean water supply, she felt comfortable & safe around these giant beasts w/horns.

It was joyuss to see young people (my sister is 8 years younger than me and a corporate guru) getting involved, getting their hands dirty, doing what came naturally to them & feeling comfortable w/ all the livestock, the crops & old fashioned farming.

We all had good times, the children especially!



My 2 daughters (21 and 23 years old) are very supportive of our family farm and they always have been, both are level headed and interested in the reality of the world and not stuck into video games, as so many are today, and we do count our blessings.

My eldest daughter (23yrs)is self reliant, a self starter, and is in upper management of a large company in Georgia and often travels for business.

My youngest daughter (21yrs) is self motivated, Independent and is self employed here in Southern California.

They are always interested in what's new on the farm and excited to learn of farm news.


Dennis had to finally stop going to work every day and stay here on the farm.

As a pilot, he has flown private, commercial and cargo - since Junior High School he has been a pilot, then came the United States Air Force, for a decade of service.

When he returned to civilian life and still a full time Captain, Dennis could not wait to build stone ovens on his time off, build BBQ's, make pizza, homemade wine, raise chickens, make homemade cheeses and butter..

It is so funny how life takes us all in different directions, as if we are on a map and someone is moving thier fingers across it...LOL

Dennis is so happy to be on the farm full time, and so am I.


It is so true! Dennis and I really love what we do and nothing compares to the importance of our farm, farm members, sustainers, family, freinds, customers and neighbors, pulling together to make beautiful things happen in the organic food world.

We are a family farm with all the support of our entire family. I could not imagine going back to my old work, or even letting my hobbies interfere with all that we have built with the great help of so many wonderful people.

We are all here for each other building our futures and securing our food supply for what may be ahead.

God Bless You All and Thank you!


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