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Farm Member Harvest Participation


Good Morning, Today All Farm Members are encourage to come and participate in our poultry harvest. We will begin at 8:00am.

We will need a volunteer for the BBQ, the BBQ rotisserie will be in full swing just outside the packaging station.

Please wear comfortable clothing, and flat shoes, I will have your harvest protective jump suits here.


We had such a wonderful time on Saturday, as usual, Farm Pick-Up went very well.  Thank you for your dedication, membership and participation.

Brenda brought her non-flouride,  toothpowders and next time, she may bring some more of her Alum-Free, non-toxic, products and offer them to our farm members at great prices.


Cheetoe almost went into labor, but "no-go", that was funny! Tom was awsome, getting the gate, wearing his cowboy hat; good thing too, Carol (first timer at farm pick-up), would have passed us right up, had she not seen Tom. June and Mary were busy bottle feeding the newborn baby goat, Tom (Another Tom) drove all the way out from Nevada to pick up his family food supply, Kristin doing the carpool thing was picking up for 4 families in the Alta Dena and pasadena area, I am sure next time she may bring a U-Haul. All-in-all the children had a great time, and there were a lot! Over 50 members showed up at farm pick-up from San Francisco, Malibu, Ventura, San Diego, The High Desert, San Gabriel valley, including Nevada and Arizona. We are still trying to get Jeff to sign the volunteer sheet (did Janet sign him up?), There was brisket, flank steak, spare ribs, ham hocks, Roasts, sides of beef (cut and wrapped), porterhouse steaks, fillet mignon, chickens, eggs, sides of pork (cut and wrapped) and Meaty Soup BONES, Not So Meaty BONES and just plain BONES.... Meat everywhere.

Thank you to you all, for all your help in the "Ranger Station" helping me to keep my head on, and the orders flowing.

If you would like to share your view of how the day went at farm pick-up, I would sure love to share it with our readers.

See you soon!


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