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FDA Finds Cloned Animals Safe to Eat

FDA Finds Cloned Animals Safe to Eat

But moratorium on sales to remain in place

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Dateline: November, 2003



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In a recently released "draft risk assessment" report, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found that food products derived from cloned animals and their offspring are likely to be as safe to eat as food from their non-clone counterparts. Despite the findings, the FDA's current voluntary moratorium on releasing cloned animals to the marketplace will remain in effect.


According to a FDA press release, the draft risk assessment corroborates similar findings by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). These scientific findings, says the FDA, also showed that healthy adult clones are virtually indistinguishable from their conventional counterparts. Most of the data available address cattle, pig, and goat clones.


The process of determining the food safety of cloned animals began two years ago, when FDA commissioned the NAS to consider scientific information on animal biotechnology. The NAS concluded that although food from animal clones posed only a low level of food safety concern, it would be prudent to have more data in order to minimize further safety concerns. FDA decided that before it could address any policy issues on animal cloning, it needed to conduct a risk assessment, followed by development of commensurate risk management options, in an open and transparent process.


During numerous public hearings on the issue, FDA stressed that the risk assessment methodology and all of the information used in performing the risk assessment would be publicly available.

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MY 2 CENTS: If this was way back in 2003; What are we eating now? we all know how fast technology, drugs, medicines etc.. hit the open market, I can not imagine or beleive that this has been a shelved project.

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