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Tea Tree Oil Uses

A freind sent me this wonderful information, I found it useful, I have attached the original website where she located the info.

1. All Purpose Cleaner: Add (?) drops of tea tree oil to 2 Tbs. of vinegar with 1 tsp. of borax. Put solution in a 12 ounce spray bottle, then fill bottle with warn distilled or purified water. Shake until borax dissolves.

2. Bedsores: For a bedridden person. Add (?) drops of tea tree oil to 1 Tbs. of almond or olive oil. and massage in affected parts of the body.

3. Deoderizer: Add (?) drops of tea tree oil to spray bottle. Mist room.

4. Dishwashers: Add (?) drops of tea tree oil to dishwasher dispenser, then fill with dishwashing soap.

5. Humidifier: Add (?) drops of tea tree oil to the humidifier. This will clean. disinfect and refresh the air.

6. Mood & Memory: Add (?) drops of tea tree oil directly to skin and massage in to face and temples. If your allergenic (perform patch test for allergies first)

7. Plant Spray: Add (?) drops of tea tree oil to a 32 ounce bottle of water, then add 16 drops of hydrogen peroxide. Mix well and mist plant with spray bottle. Do not wipe off.

8. Vaporizer: Add (?) drops of tea tree oil to a cup of water; leave in room to help alleviate stuffiness, allergies, headaches and flu symptoms. Or heat a pot of water and drop 3-5 drops of tea tree oil, after removing pot from burner.

9. Washing Machine: To Kill Germs. Add (?) drops of tea tree oil to each load of laundry. This will disinfect and leave laundry smelling clean and fresh.


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