Rainbow Ranch Farms

  (Pinon Hills, California)
Organic, free-range, pastured, grass-fed/finished, heritage-breeds,
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Thanks L.A. Times and L&G Meats 4 Shout-Out!

Rainbow Ranch Farms, heritage, range, pastured turkeys are sold-out 1-2 years in advance. For your turkey orders, please contact Lindy & Grundy Meats in Los Angeles, CA. 1-323-951-0804 sooner than later! 

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To learn more about Lindy & Grundy Pastured, local meats..

Rainbow Ranch Farms offers consultations:

Start a farm. Become sustainable. Live off the land. Develop a C.S.A. Start a local CO-OP. Growing heritage breeds. Growing heirloom foods.Growing sustainable meat on a grass based feeding protocol. Organic meats. Getting away from industrialized breeds. Getting away from commercial livestock feeds etc..

To schedule a consultation: 1-760-868-6206

Local Farms Catching On:

We are proud to learn that local farms are learning from/and following our protocol to offer fresh thanksgiving turkeys, instead of deep frozen, old-stock and stored turkeys this year.

Local farms have actually began to grow their own industrialized turkeys (it's a start) instead of buying them from commercial slaughter houses or third parties, to offer to their members a farm raised bird.

What is a C.S.A.?

A Community Supported Agricultural Program

**A true C.S.A. only offers what they grow and harvest. A reliable C.S.A. does not offer any foods grown and/or harvested by 2nd, third or 4th parties. These 3rd party+ transactions may deteriorate the safety of the food product and quality, it can become contaminated and is unreliable and un-traceable. This is no different than going to your local market to purchase foods from the (unknown) produce or meat dept. **

What is a CO-OP?

A Food Cooperative/Buying Club

**A CO-OP is a wholesale buying club, that buys in bulk, as a group to save money. Some co-op's specialize in local, organic, raw and/or all natural fresh produce, meats etc..: For a reliable and honest, *TRUE* Organic CO-OP contact Bountiful Harvest CO-OP in Apple Valley, CA.  An organic co-op will purchase certified organic U.S.D.A. and C.D.F.A. inspected and safe products from various reliable sources, direct from the farmers and/or artisans in bulk at wholesale prices.

To find a C.S.A. - CO-OP - Farm or local grocer near you, please search Local Harvest Listings.


By next year we hope to see local farms growing heritage turkeys, on range, with pasture and access to grasses, herbs, bugs, grubs, fresh air, sunshine and native vegetation with plenty of room to fly, mate, roost and live as nature intended..instead of using industrialized Giant Whites and Broad Breasted Bronze, grown on commercial (corn, soy, wheat)gamebird and/or lay mashes.

An industrialized turkey grows to market weight in 12-16 weeks, from hatch date, especially when fed a turkey S.A.D. of corn, soy, wheat etc. These birds can also be pre-disposed to health issues, leg and organ problems requiring medicated feeds and medicines

An old fashioned, wild and/or heritage turkey takes 7-9 months to reach market weight, depending on breed and environment. heritage breeds are healthy and grow very well on range, pasture and without genetic defects. they thrive without any corn, soy, wheat, barley, flax, grains and/or G.M.O's.

FLAX SEED and OIL: Flax seed has become very popular, what many do not know is that flax seed is mostly a laxative and weight loss aid (especially in birds). Birds do not derive "Omega 3" from consuming flax seed, like you may think. BIRDS DO NOT have stomachs.

Studies show that flax seeds contain cadmium and cyanide and may increase the risk of prostate cancer. So just because Flax is high in protein, does not mean it is good to feed to animals without doing a little research. That being said, many foods contain trace elements of carcinogens, but we should not starve to death! Flax seeds also contain a few good qualities. CONFUSED?

These are just a few of the reasons why preganant women are advised by medical doctors, nutritionists and dieticians, NOT to consume Flax seeds, when pregnant or breast feeding.

REF:Ames, B. N., Profet, M. and Gold, L. S. (1990) Dietary Pesticides (99.99% All Natural). Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 87, 7777-7781
Ames, B. N. (1990) Natural Carcinogens: They're Found in Many Foods. In: Health & Environment Digest, B. Murdock, ed., pp. 4
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2002) 56, 157-165. DOI: 10.1038/sj/ejcn/1601298

A fresh, range-heritage turkey is unbeatable in flavor, nutrition and texture.

Support Heritage Breeds

Buy Local

Know Your farmer

Know Your Food

Buy sustainable and be part of the solution!!




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