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Farm Pick-Up Today! Sat. Feb. 5th

Today marks another pick-up day at the farm. Open to registered farm members.

Please bring your large coolers, try to carpool and wear flat shoes.

Please, drive up and open and close the gate  behind you, we have livestock running free.

The second gate has a walk through gate next to it. We are happy to use the dolly to transport your boxes to your car.

Extras will be available, eggs are "you pick", Brenda will be here with her goodies and some members will be providing their farm goods to our farm members today!.

We will have a member volunteer sheet at pick-up, if you are interested in volunteering on one of the farms, please sign up.

It is now 5:00am, I will not be available by phone, until after 12 noon!


Ron Paul at Farm Food Voices

Ron Paul at Farm Food Voices







Want To Move To CA. Start A Farm

Ever thought of starting a farm? Already have a farm and want to relocate?  Here is a great resource, they always have large properties, pasture lands etc. for lease, rent, foreclosures for sale. With water wells and without!

TERRA LINDA PROPERTIES: 7611 Etiwanda Ave. Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 91739 They would love to hear from you!


Meat Lovers Can Now Grow Their Own Lamb

Meat Lovers Can Now "Grow Their Own Lamb"


by Tanya on  December 01, 2009 at 8:51 AM


Taking cue from growing vegetables for own consumption, a Brit farmer is offering a "Grow Your Own Lamb" service that allows meat lovers to see the animal being conceived, born, butchered and delivered to their door. Brett Varker from Rowhorne Farm in Exeter, Devon, charges customers 176 pounds to be "completely involved" in every stage of the lamb's life.

First they choose the parents of their lamb from six breeds of ewe and four breeds of ram.

The pair are then placed in a field and the buyer can watch them mate and return to witness the ewe giving birth.

And then they are allowed a monthly visit to see the lamb before it is slaughtered at six months old and delivered to their door.

"Many of us grow our own
vegetables but we're going a step further and helping people grow their own meat," the Daily Express quoted Brett, 48, as saying.

"Farming seems like a dark art to people these days, so we want to show them what is involved and how much we care for our animals.

"This is no petting zoo - it's about great quality meat," he added.



For the original article, please click the link http://www.medindia.net/news/Meat-Lovers-Can-Now-Grow-Their-Lamb-Meat-61631-1.htm






Baby Goats Born 11/28/2010

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