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If we, as a collective group, do not stand up for our rights to consume healthy, or even unhealthy foods of our choosing, soon the F.D.A. will tell us what we can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and in between).


It is not about food safety, it is about control. He, who controls the food, controls the people! First milk, then what? Will we be forced to buy only patented food products, generated from Genetically Modified seeds?


If raw milk is to be allowed by the people to be considered a hazard, then when is the F.D.A. going to make "mothers boil their breast milk, before feeding babies?" IT COULD HAPPEN. Stand up and voice your opinion, what ever it may be.


I personally grew up on raw milk,  not until 1985 did I even taste pasteurized milk. It was around that time Alta Dena Dairy was made to stop all their raw milk production, in Southern California.


Some large “raw milk” producers, claim RAW MILK, however, they are U.S.D.A. inspected, they must pasteurize their milk. It is illegal to place raw dairy products in front of the general population for sale. YES, even in California. Call or contact the California Department of Food and Agriculture (milk and dairy division). Milk and Dairy Food Safety Branch
Mailing Address: 1220 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 654-0773; Fax: (916) 653-7512


Ask them if your favorite raw milk, which is available in a store close to you is pasteurized? YES, even if the label states “RAW MILK”, by raw milk standards, when pasteurized to a certain temperature, it can still be considered raw milk.


EVEN “FOR PET USE ONLY” does not fly; all pet food is regulated and must be under inspection. So many misconceptions are making people uneasy, uncomfortable and scared. EVEN when labeled “FOR CRAFT USE ONLY” it must be regulated, because all craft material must be non toxic and child safe; RAW MILK is considered POISON by the F.D.A. and the C.D.F.A. (milk and dairy division)


It is true, the C.D.F.A. Is raiding (with guns) small farms, co-op’s, farmers market vendors and markets who even attempt to sell raw milk. http://www.farmtoconsumer.org/aa/aa-26april2010.htm


It does not matter if raw milk is technically legal in California, because if the folks who regulate the milk and dairy division are going to bust into your farm, home or vendor stand with guns, handcuffs or SHOOT YOU! Obviously they are the new LAW. http://www.farmtoconsumer.org/aa/aa-26april2010.htm


When an authority brandishes a firearm, they are doing so with the intent to SHOOT BULLETS from it, if they wanted to talk, no guns would be needed.


Our farm and a few of our farm members were recently contacted about a small, local “green house” or above ground container, produce grower, who is now advertising “RAW MILK SOON” from pigmy goats, I was in laughter, I wanted to know where the threat was, especially since she mentioned pigmy goats, I explained that, obviously her only consmers are her own family, and that was perfectly legal and that she would need 100 pigmy goats to produce enough milk for any market. 

 I also said that I know the person, she has been a guest in my home, and that I am not interested in getting involved, nor will I comment on the location, or where she can be located. I tried to explain that this person is no threat to anyone, just now,  starting a farm and may not be aware of the food, health and safety laws and regulations.


Obviously “the they” know where she is, she advertises online, and they may have just wanted to gather additional info. BEWARE the milk and dairy division will gather information on illegal, raw milk and bathtub cheese producers and compile a good case against them before the RAID, this ensures jail time and a solid prosecution.


I do know firsthand that a few illegal, raw dairy producers are not clean and unaware of health and safety standards, some even lack the common sense to maintain a sanitary environment. When you are dealing with a raw dairy product, sanitation standards, livestock health and care must be of the highest caliber, or else,the weak, the elderly, children or anyone with a weak immune system can get very ill, or even die, usually resulting from unsanitary conditions. I have been in the farming industry a long time, and have seen many ugly things.


 I agree that sanitation standards, education and monitoring of small raw milk farms offering raw dairy to the general public should be enforced, but to OUTLAW raw milk is just plain ignorant and self serving. If you know where your raw dairy is coming from, how the livestock are treated and handled, if you know that the conditions are sanitary, and are happy with your product, you should have the right to choose. This is what America is built on “Freedom Of Choice” People!


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