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Local Pastured Lamb, Fresh and Tender Lamb

Lambs on pasture.


100% grazed and pastured sheep and lamb, they pasture, graze, eat and live naturally, as nature intended.

Spring is just around the corner.                                                                                

Lambs are with their mothers (parent stock), on lush, green pasture, from start to finish.

Available: 1/2 Lamb and Whole Lamb. You will get 40-50lbs on each whole lamb and 20-25lbs on each 1/2 lamb. We will only harvest 1/2 orders when both sides are spoken for.

Please allow 10-12 days from time of order to get your fresh lamb. We offer Freshly Frozen and "FRESH" (never frozen). Pick-up is at the farm.


We also offer Humane handling Halal and Humane handling Kosher Processing, and always Certified Organic!

"Doing It Nature's Way"

When contacting the farm, please note that we are farmers, and do not have a staff. We often are away from the phone.

When leaving a message, please leave your name, city in which you are calling from and a number where you can be reached. Thank you!

NOTE: No parent stock is currently available for harvest, no mutton & no breeding stock sheep are available for harvest at this time, only lamb.


Piglets Born Yesterday - 12

12 piglets born to first time mommy, Cheetoe. She was very protective of her piglets while we were moving them to a secure area, while she followed.



2 at a time, being moved into a warm area for the cold winter night and mommy cuddled with her newborns.


Once all the piglets were under the shelter with soft grasses, mommy came in to take care of them.

When these beauties are ready, most of them will go to live on open pasture where they will join our pastured hog herd, and a few will remain here, since they are already sold; From Luau pigs to to pets.

We will see you this weekend for pick-up at the farm!


Tastes Like Heritage Chicken

Tastes Like Heritage Chicken


Tuesday, September 01, 2009 10:34 AM


By Troy Griepentrog


Tags: cooking, chicken, poultry


On April 17, 2009, the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) and Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch hosted an event in Lindsborg, Kans., announcing the definition of heritage chicken. The event included tasting meat of four breeds of heritage chickens. The tasting was divided into a meal (including side dishes) for each season, because different breeds of chickens mature at different rates and the meat is better suited to different uses depending on the maturity of the bird at slaughter.


Here’s an overview of the menu. Some of the recipes are available on the recipe page of the Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch website.


Fall — New Hampshire Red
Fried Chicken
Chicken Osso Buco


Winter — Jersey Giant
Baked Chicken
Tropical Mole’ Chicken


Spring — Cornish (Indian Game)
Cottage Pie
Chicken Soup with Knaidlach


Summer — Plymouth Rock
Pressed Chicken
Chicken Salad


So what’s different about heritage chicken? Everything! The size and shape of the pieces of meat is remarkable; the drumsticks are nearly as long as that of a small turkey. The texture is firmer. It’s similar to tender beef — you can cut it with a fork, but you can’t mash it like industrially raised chicken.


By the way, cooking heritage chicken requires different methods to make it turn out right. In brief, you have to cook it more slowly, at lower temperatures and with more moisture.


It’s more flavorful, even to an untrained, dull palate (such as mine). The meat, regardless of which dish it was used in, tasted great. But the flavor of the broth was dramatic. I’ve tried to make chicken broth from industrial chicken without adding commercial bouillon, but it always ends up flat. The broth from the heritage chicken was wonderful, and I confirmed it was not “fixed up” with bouillon.

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