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WORK SHOP UPDATE!- Chickens, Eggs, Poultry, Growing, Harvesting, Building

WORK SHOP- Chickens, Eggs, Poultry, Growing, Harvesting, Building




"A Day in The Life With Chickens" workshop.


Xenia of Rainbow Ranch Farms, Instructor and Hosted by: Jordan Stone of Delaney's Artisan Market in Temecula 1-760-277-8575 .

I have included the hostess ph#, for you to contact her directly, so sorry about that, I thought the email address was enough. Thank you all for contacting me regarding this workshop, I look forward to seeing you!



We will be learning self reliance with poultry, chickens, eggs and related, building coops, hatching, breeding, mixing organic feed, growing chickens without corn. Soy and G.M.O.'s,



Start a small business, start a CSA, how to butcher chickens humanely and in a sanitary manner, and to counterbalance the current turmoil of our economic climate.



We will be building a small coop, mixing a nutritionally balanced feed, learning complete care and growth of chickens, how to get ultra nutritious and delicious eggs, how to "harvest/butcher"  chickens (if that's what you choose), how to have fertile chickens for hatching your next generation of chickens.

This is great knowledge for sustainable living which could easily become a must for our current "economic climate". Use this new found information to feed your family, sell at market or give away to extended family and friends.

There will only be room for limited participants. Come prepared to work and get involved. Everyone will leave with a handwritten syllabus and diagrams of how to do this at home and your own harvested chicken.


To Sign Up Today, Please call Jordan: 1-760-277-8575 leave a detailed message with your return ph# 2X.

Spots are filling up quickly so reserve your spot asap!





Sunday, April 10 · 8:00am12:00pm






A Farm in Temecula (Disclosed to Participants Only)



Created By



Jordan Stone To Participate, please email: delaneysculinaryfresh-AT-hotmail-DOT-com















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