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CO-OP Tour/Bicycles - update!

There has been an incredible union of support: I had the priviledge of talking with many farmers, C.S.A's and co-op leaders yesterday.

I have already passed on all the information from yesterday and the tour- team will be in contact with the co-op's, C.S.A's and farms as they get the information.

If you would like to participate in supporting this project, please contact me, so that I may pass the info along. 1-760-868-6206

Currently heading toward Malibu:

They are so grateful and simply overjoyed to have this opportunity to visit all of these wonderful places, and to experience first hand and close-up, small family farms, food co-op's, Community Supported Agriculture, and sustainable farming across America.

We are just happy to be to helpful and supportive during their journey.

I will be posting updates, photos, videos and info on our Private-Blog, facebook, twitter, websites, public blogs and our member forum. Please be sure to tune-in to see who they are visiting, and learn of their incredible journey

Thank you!



Intentional, sustainable communities

The trend hunter offers hundreds of photos, articles, information and links from water filtration bridges to floating eco-communities


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From Ocean Societies to Climate Refugee Islands


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With a great consciousness for the wellness of our planet, plans for sustainable living communities are being developed more rapidly than ever. This cluster examines some of these eco-friendly homes and sustainable living communities. You’ll notice a great focus on ocean societies within these innovations as more architects are realizing the development potential for this underutilized real estate space.


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Anaerobic Methane Digester Project

Excellent source for the beginer wanting to get involved in methane digester projects. The link to the website is posted below.

Anaerobic Digester Project

My Anaerobic Digester Project is going to be building: (a) A small-scale digester. (b) A medium-scale digester. My project will also include research on the workings of anaerobic digesters, the usage of anaerobic digesters and the possible future of anaerobic digesters that can be used at home.


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