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Organic Weight Loss-Lose Those Extra Pounds

Organic Weight Loss  - Eating Organic Foods Can Help You Lose Those Extra Pounds


Right now, it seems like everyone is looking for the secret to weight loss. There are tons of diet pills to choose from at the mall, and the latest quick fix diets are heavily publicized. The truth is, there’s no healthy miracle diet that will help you take off 20 pounds overnight, but there are things that can give you that extra boost to finally take the weight off once and for all. One great “extra boost” is organic food. These are foods grown without hormones, preservatives, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals. They are designed to grow naturally in the environment and work within the human body who eats them. Eating healthy with organics can help you finally take off those excess pounds naturally.

When the nutrients in an organic fruit or vegetable are compared to their traditional counterparts, they’ve been found to have significantly more beneficial substances. In some cases, there are as many as three times the amount of certain beneficial nutrients found in organic foods. In one study, organic oranges were half the size of the traditionally grown oranges and still had more vital nutrients. Eating appropriate amounts of organic fruits and vegetables can even replace your multivitamin, by giving you every essential nutrient you need. When foods are not genetically and chemically altered, they are nature’s finest.

If you doubt that organics are healthier for you, consider the fact that the artificial chemicals used in many foods are relatively new and have only been consumed for a small fraction of the time humans have been around. Our bodies are not designed to process these artificial chemicals. Hormones, preservatives, and pesticides can not be processed by the liver and therefore place excess stress upon the organ. The end result is a build up or artificial products in the fat stores of your body and this has been linked to storing even more fat. If you’re concerned about removing these chemicals from your system sooner rather than later, you can go on a juice fast just prior to starting an organic diet, but this should be supervised by a nutritionist or medical professional.

We’ve mentioned that natural nutrients and a lack of harmful chemicals helps your body function more efficiently, but you’re probably wondering how this helps you to finally lose weight. First of all, when you eat natural organic foods your body is able to digest them quickly and efficiently. When it does not have to deal with extra chemicals, your metabolism increases (which is essential to weight loss), and you are also able to gain the full energy potential of your food. This means you’ll be less fatigued and ready to get up and move. You’ll have the extra energy you need to exercise and burn off even more calories. Studies have also found that laboratory rats who consume organics sleep better. That means you’ll be even more rested and ready to conquer the day, and perhaps even a morning walk or jog.

Another advantage to your body working properly is that you’ll be less likely to get sick. Eating organic helps provide your system with the proper nutrients to stay healthy as well as providing your body more energy to fight off infection. You’ll also be motivated to keep up with your organic diet when you realize how healthy you feel.

While switching to an organic diet is a great way to lose weight, do remember to eat the right organic foods. Try to eat fresh, unprocessed foods that contain a lot of fiber, lots of fruits and vegetables are the perfect choice along with small amounts of protein and carbohydrates. This will help you lose even more weight and most importantly help you feel great.


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Juice Fasting For Weight Loss and Health

Juice Fasting For Weight Loss and Health


The holidays can really pack on those pounds; this article offers good advice on a clean, wonderful fast, when done correctly with certified organic fruits and vegetables.  Please click here for the original article. 


Juice fasting has the surprising benefit of very rapid  weight loss. I know a man who entered a juice fast for health reasons and lost one pound a day for 28 days and to within five pounds of his target weight. This is a typical experience. You feel so much better about yourself as you see such dramatic results in an area that has been a constant battle for so many years of your life. You are encouraged to go farther and improve the way you dress and the way that you relate to people with a confidence that you haven’t had for a long time.


You may lose several pounds a day at the start of the program. As your body comes closer to your ideal weight, this process may slow down, averaging out to be about a pound of weight lost per day or more. Juice supplies calories. If you are not losing weight, you may reduce your calorie input by reducing the amount of high calorie vegetables that you are juicing such as carrots, or you may substitute water for some of the juice in your diet. Some advocate diluting your juice with water. Diluting can reduce the strong flavor of some juices that can be objectionable to some people. Weight loss is a function of your metabolism, so weight loss may slow down because you don’t have work so hard to carry around so much extra weight.


Health is more than diet. Don’t concentrate on losing pounds, which may be inconsistent as your body retains water in the fat cells for a short period. The body may periodically dump this water, keeping you up all night. Don’t be frustrated as this happens. It averages out. Instead of recording a daily weight loss on a chart, concentrate and think about other health issues. Staying physically and spiritually active will direct your energies in a more profitable direction. Remember, it took a long time to develop the problem and as your body, in its own time and way, accommodates the changes, you will realize the new energy that you have from the casting out of the stored toxins that your body stored in your fat cells. As with all healing, the joyful work of restoring a cleansed body takes its own time.


Some supplements are appropriate to use during this kind of weight loss program. However stimulating herbs can be very damaging to your body as it is excited by chemicals that are 20 times more powerful that a cup of coffee. The excess stimulation damages your body’s ability to fight disease and your nervous system undergoes heavy stress. Remember that you are changing your lifestyle, so diet and exercise are the elements that you can live with for the rest of your life. If you develop these life changing attitudes and practices, even when you are elderly, you can easily incorporate these healthy practices in your life.












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